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TranceFix Review: Arkham Knights-State Of Mind E.P [Coldharbour Recordings]

The boys from Leeds (UK) are back in full effect. The “Arkham Knights“, (Ben and Stuart) are a duo of brothers that have been cementing themselves as DJ/Producers furthermore with every release and gig they play. They have crafted their very own sound that is an instant standout in the scene. A nurtured hybrid of trance and techno fused together in perfect balance. With this alone they have certainly gained countless support from well known trance and techno DJ’s alike. So many of their tracks already are considered legendary by the public such as: “Knightfall“, “Legacy“, “Odyssey” and “Awakening“.

Their return to “Coldharbour Recordings” is marked with the release of their new 3 track E.P entitled: “State Of Mind“.

State Of Mind: The title track of this E.P is a ruthless techy wonder that appears to be wrestling with its inner melodic nature. Cleverly crafted, surprising the listener as it contains the best of both worlds: jaw dropping melodies and leads plus dark techy twists.

The night is pitch black and we go about our nightly duty overseeing the streets and the establishments they host. A quiet night it seems and all appears to be well up until that dreadful sound echoes through the night. Shots fired and an alarm instantly goes off. Grasping our night stick we rush towards the location of the sound. Entering the secluded area we witness a bunch of people lying on the floor with hands on their heads, luckily, no one appears to be harmed. Gathering the info we need we are off in pursuit of the criminal. He could not have gone far judging by the time that elapsed. Running through the streets, we are happy we have kept in shape all these years, as it appears we may need to run a marathon in order to catch the perpetrator. One thing may be said about him, he is a swift one, faster than any man we have ever seen. Huffing and puffing, we follow while witnessing the cloaked figure hurdle over anything that stands in his way with a natural ease, as if the laws of gravity do not apply. Wonder struck we continue, gasping in amazement as he appears to be bouncing off the walls as if his feet and hands are webbed, like a reptile’s and thus makes his way up the ten story building in order to escape us. Dumbfounded we struggle to keep up and wonder what stolen item lies in his backpack while he makes his way upward. There must be more to this we think, on our way to the roof via elevator. Calling backup from our radio transmitter we are certain that all will be revealed soon.

Phantom: Dark, mystifying and a tad eerie, this one has the word anthem written all over it. The combination of pummeling basslines, melodies and masterful break within the track are to die for.

Leaving daylight behind we enter the underground station below. Running down the stairs that lead to the platform among the bustling crowds, we hop on board the mechanical caterpillar crafted by our countrymen, just in the nick of time, as the doors close tightly behind us. Finding a place in the crowded compartment appears to be no easy task as it is packed to the brim with people of all sorts. All on their way home or perhaps traveling to some exciting destination that they have looked forward to for so long. Making our way throughout the compartments we imagine what it may be like to spend a day in their shoes. All different and unique in their own way, we can not help but marvel at the magnitude of people that make up the tapestry of our city. For us, the voyage is long as we are excitedly on our way to the airport, anxious to begin our journey to a faraway land. What shall we see or experience there? Our emotions are flung every which way and our anticipation is growing with every passing moment. At every stop people get off leaving us behind like ghosts stranded on a train eagerly awaiting the end of the line.

Fractured Future: The final track is equally as amazing and innovating as its predecessors. A driving track which packs ethereal spaced out melodies and serene vibes that could easily come from worlds unknown, beyond even our own imagination.

Another typical day here on planet Earth. Things have evolved and changed over the centuries and we have come far from the primitive species we once were. To people of the past our day would be regarded as science fiction or perhaps figments of one’s wild and unhinged imagination. Climbing inside our astro ship and placing ourselves in the captain’s seat we slowly lift off the concrete base it was parked on. The board in front of us lights up with neon lights and attaching our helmet tightly to our head, we move the ship upward with the appropriate use of the blinking buttons and our steering stick. Our trip will be a bit long so we select our tunes of choice to accompany us on our journey. Once high enough in the sky we accelerate and zoom off appearing to the watchers below a mere twinkling star in the night sky. Before long we have left Earth behind us, advancing towards our mark. Passing every unique and strange planet in our solar system we keep on going. Our destination? The next door neighboring planets of the newly discovered galaxy. Our job? Same as always, patrol oversee and study all we witness while documenting it all down on digital format for our supervisors back home. One thing can be certain, the wonders found within this galaxy are numerous and we are always spellbound by even the few we have seen and experienced. Curious and mesmerizing to gaze upon the pink skies of the planet we have been researching. Its twin suns and endless oceans made up of green waves crashing gently on the shores below are a thing of rare beauty, an image most of us can only dream of. To us it is a place where we feel the most relaxed and at peace with ourselves and the universe.

An amazing E.P by the brothers that absolutely needs to become part of your collection. Each track will undoubtedly capture a piece of your heart.

Released: 31/7/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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