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Discover Records Presents The Chilled Trance Volume 2 – Rechilled By Chris Voro

Back in 2010 Discover Records released an album that was to defy all expectations. Having received a collection of various chill out remixes from their catalogue, they released the album Chilled Trance. To this day it remains one of their biggest selling albums and the concept of Chilled Trance was born.

Fast forward to 2017 and the project is reborn but with a typical Discover Records style twist.

Step forward Chris Voro.

A prolific electronic music producer and DJ who floats seamlessly between genres that includes breaks, trance, psychedelic trance and ambient.

A true follower of the darkest side of electronic music, he infuses his productions and sets with a multitude of emotions, resulting in an underground vibe that captures the mind.

Supported by legendary names of the trance, breaks and chill out scenes, including Paul Oakenfold, John Askew, Aly & Fila, Activa, Simon Patterson, The Crystal Method, Sean Tyas, Mark Sherry, Grum, Beatman & Ludmilla, Far Too Loud, Pale Penguin, Sketi, Fisso & Spark, Ryan Farish and more, the list speaks for itself…

Already an artist and supporter of the Discover Records family, his vision was to create a selection of chilled remixes of classic tracks from within the labels back catalog.

More of an artist album than a traditional compilation, Chris Voro and his fellow collaborators has taken original mixes from artists including John Askew, Activa, Sean Tyas, Greg Downey, Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan, Para X and Aly and Fila and applied a unique chilled vibe to create some simply superb genre redefining remixes.

These are not just classic chillout remixes, but more of an analog cinematic approach to the originals.

A hugely personal album for Chris Voro for many reasons – it definitely wears its heart on its sleeve whilst equally standing as an album of quality electronica of the highest possible order.

The album has already received the honour of being compilation of the month, with “Innovative,atmospheric and thought–‐provoking” Mixmag 8/10.

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Tracklist ‘Chilled Trance Vol. 2’ Rechilled by Chris Voro:
1. Activa – Rise Above (Chris Voro ReChill)
2. Para X – World of Illusion (Chris Voro ReChill)
3. Greg Downey – Vivid Intent (Chris Voro ReChill)
4. Sean Tyas – Lift (Chris Voro & Ode ReChill)
5. Inertia – The System (Chris Voro & John Dopping ReChill)
6. John Askew – How Can I Put This (Chris Voro & Chris Oblivion ReChill)
7. Amadeus vs Aly and Fila – A Dream of Peace (Chris Voro & One Arc Degree ReChill)
8. Michael Lee – Everblue (Chris Voro ReChill)
9. Gary Maguire – By My Side Feat. Lisa Abbott (Chris Voro & Solar Caravan ReChill)
10. John O’Callaghan, Bryan Kearney – Exactly (Chris Voro & Research & Development ReChill)




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