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TranceFix Review: Nifra-Never Forget [Coldharbour Recordings]

Slovakian DJ/Producer Nikoleta Frajkorova, instantly known to the dance music community under her artist name “Nifra” is one of the fastest rising stars in dance music. Ever since achieving her first dream (a single release on “Markus Schulz’s” label “Coldharbour Recordings“) she has never looked back, her skill, hard work and dedication being key factors to getting her where she is today. The launch of her own radio show “Rebel Radio” with followers tuning in religiously to every episode, mesmerizing singles and remixes such as: “Rebel“, “Edge Of Time (with Seri)“, “Athena“, “Rampage (with Artisan)“, “My Love (Nifra Remix)-Airscape and JES” and numerous appearances at events and festivals around the globe are just few of her accolades to date.

Now she is back where it all began presenting us her newest single “Never Forget” on “Coldharbour Recordings“. A joyous and positive person she pours all of her soul into her craft. Slow paced at first, this is a track that builds beautifully and harmonically throughout its duration. Boasting dark infectious rhythms (Nifra’s forte) struggling to be contained, while high paced leads and moving melodies are unleashed into the open.

We are well on our journey towards the venue where we will be performing tonight. Wearing our favorite ensemble, we glance thoughtfully out of the automobile’s window. Various landmarks and monuments mark the significance and identity of the city we have just flown into. This realization strikes up a whirlwind of memories and special moments we’ve witnessed over the past years on the road. All leaving their mark and presence in our life. We think back to our early years making our first steps hesitantly, timidly if you will, into the scene we love and cherish. Remembering it all, it was not an easy task, but with determination, sacrifice and love for what inspires us we managed to advance inch by inch at a time. We are overcome with feelings of joy, inspiration and love as we look back at it all, a smile spread out across our lips. In mere moments our bubble of memories we were caught up into dissolves and evaporates into thin air as the driver’s voice ushers us back to the present: “We shall shortly arrive at the venue” he remarks. The car doors open and we are escorted into the club by the personnel. What a rush it all is and we are excited to perform as we feel the adrenaline coursing through our veins. We make our way to the booth with memories of the past still lurking like ghosts in our mind. Eternally grateful for it all we get ready to perform while vowing to never forget the journey that got us here.

Another amazing release by Nikoleta that easily can be described as an anthemic, dark and full on club destroyer.

Released: 21/8/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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