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TranceFix Review: Somna & Melissa Loretta-Brave [AVA Recordings]

The Canadian mastermind is back at it once again. It is a fact that “Somna“, (Benjamin Leung) is an artist whose niche is the construction of beautiful, melodic and emotional soundscapes highlighted by mesmerizing vocalists. His latest release is such a track. Dedicating countless hours in the studio to get it just right, he is proud to introduce us to his latest brainchild. It is called “Brave” and he has teamed up with singer/songwriter “Melissa Loretta” for this one. Based in Toronto, (Canada) Melissa is easily known for her work with artists such as: “Yuri Kane“, “ATB“, “Omnia” and many more.

Beautiful lush melodies packed with emotion flow through the track while highlighted by Melissa’s heartfelt voice, full of longing and despair thus delivering a passionate tale of bravery, inner strength and perseverance to conquer your heart’s desire.

Tis’ only early morning and we find ourselves camped out on a lone bench in the middle of a park. There is a slight chill in the air as summer has long gone and a gust of wind rustles the fallen leaves that have been cast away by the tall trees above us. Watching the sun arise, a reddish, orange ball of fire, an image of rare beauty surrounds us. We are unable to appreciate the magical atmosphere at hand unfortunately, as we struggle to contain our emotions while drawing liquid courage from our morning coffee. We have to be brave to carry on and continue our life even with the absence of our loved one, clearly leaving a mark in our soul heart and mind. It shall never be the same, everything around us appears dull and ordinary, like life without color. With these thoughts running through our mind we witness life beginning again after the darkness of the night. Squirrels and birds of all sorts begin to scurry about, while a wild hare hops swiftly through the grass, his lively nose twitching, taking it all in. The first joggers appear as well, striving to better themselves and remain healthy, embracing life. All of this imagery sparks new hope into our heart and we too find it may be possible to begin anew and cherish the precious gift of life.

Out on “AVA Recordings” this gem is not to be missed. Future classic in the making.

Released: 14/8/2017

Label: AVA Recordings

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