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Bryan Kearney interview

Bryan Kearney has become one of the major players within the worldwide Trance scene due to his high quality productions and DJ sets. He has also seen his imprint Kearnage Recordings grow from not just being an outlet to release tracks, but also a club event that has toured the globe.

On Saturday 18th November, the Irishman collaborates with Trance Sanctuary in London for a Kearnage event which also sees the likes of Giuseppe Ottaviani, Will Atkinson and Will Rees perform. So we thought it would be good to get to know Bryan just a little more as he shares his first experiences of Trance, DJing and producing.

The first proper Trance event that I attended was would of been Homelands Ireland in April 2000. Memories I have of that Festival are of Scott Bond, Judge Jules, Jeremy Healy, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha & Digweed. Mitsubishi flags and high visibility safety vests everywhere. A track that stands out for me from that day would be Conductor & The Cowboy – Feeling This Way. It was also the first time I heard Darude – Sandstorm, it got played about 7 times that day in the same arena. Funnily enough, I heard it a couple of weeks ago at Creamfields in the trance tent.

The first trance vinyl or Trance CD Album I bought was the Scot Project remix of Yoji Biomehanika – Ding A Ling. I started out on CD’s before vinyl. I used to trawl the internet for MP3’s quite early on before it was as accessible as today, this would of been around the turn of the millennium, on sites such as homeofmusic.com. and others. I was obsessed with collecting as many tracks that I could. I’ve always been obsessed with music, I still am. I would sell CD’s to my friends so that I could get money to be able to go out .

My first gig was probably playing at my school graduation party in the local nightclub when I was 18. I played Exploration Of Space, that’s the only track I can remember from that one. I promoted my first gig at the age of 19 at the Temple Theatre in Dublin. It was a club that I had attended almost every week for over two years so I went from a clubber to a promoter overnight.

My first international gig was at Passion in April 2006, it was in the back room. Passion was a club that I had travelled over to a number of times as a clubber and I loved the place. After that, I played a few more clubs that year in the UK in a few different places. The first gig I played in London was for Electronic Sessions at Hidden in Vauxhall. Gareth Emery & John O’Callaghan were also on the line up that night.

My first song that got released was my E.P on Discover Records with the tracks More To Life & Punchline. My remix of Fire & Ice – Lost Emotions had come out before that but this my first solo release.

The first time I heard one of my tracks played out in a club was probably when Paul van Dyk dropped a remix that myself & Icone had made of his track, Another Way. I had handed it to him on a CD as he was playing and he dropped it into his set about 20 minutes later. I remember one particular member of our group that was at our gig been absolutely sick that he had played it and tried to ruin the moment by proclaiming, “well, technically, it’s not Bryan’s tune”. What a sap. Sorry, Al.

My first track which was played on ASOT was O’Callaghan & Kearney – Restricted Motion. A track that never really got the attention that I think it deserved. Discover made a balls of the release.

My first track released on Kearnage Recordings was my own track, The Next Chapter. An appropriate title to kickstart a new label.

My first Beatport Trance Chart number 1 was More To Life. Punchline sat at number 2 at the same time.

The first time I played at Trance Sanctuary was July 2012 at Proud 2 at the O2. It was an outdoor event but luckily enough they were able to move event inside to the club and the party continued on. I remember it having a particularly good sound system.

The first time we held a Kearnage event in London was last year at Egg in London for Trance Sanctuary. A sold out event and the perfect way to finish the tour for the year. We decided that Trance Sanctuary would host the only Kearnage event this year and I can’t wait for November 18th.

For more information about Kearnage’s event in London on the 18th November visit www.kearnagelondon.co.uk

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