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TranceFix Review: Markus Schulz pres.Dakota-In Search of Something Better [Coldharbour Recordings]

One of dance music’s driving forces, the creator of the dark, moody vibes we have embraced as the “Coldharbour sound“; Markus Schulz is back with his latest offering to the scene. We have devoured two albums under his “Dakota” alias, which have become iconic: “Thoughts Become Things I & II” and his newest endeavor entitled “The Nine Skies” is the newest installment he will bestow upon us in October. So far we have explored two singles from the album: “Mota Mota” (with Koen Groeneveld) and “Running Up That Hill” (feat.Bev Wild).

Now the time has come to discover his third single, the magnificent and intriguing “In Search of Something Better“. The single contains the original mix and a chilled edition, each appropriate for the time of day and emotion at hand. A refreshing, inspiring piece of music that soothes the mind and soul while at the same time keeps our senses flowing, aware of every little thing in front of us, attaining perfect focus. It contains the darker, edgier Dakota sound we crave, infused with ecstatic vocal snippets and ethereal melodies soaked in spiritual bliss.

We find ourselves on the road carrying nothing but a backpack with only the bare necessities contained within. Feelings of anguish, despair and disappointment have accompanied our life for the longest time. Unhappy with our place in society, our job and our surroundings we decide to uproot ourselves from that dreary place and commence our lone journey in search of something more fitting for our needs. The road is long and treacherous, full of bumps and detours but the driving force within us, our very spirit and the core essence of who we truly are pushes us forward, around every bend, around every dark turn. At the end of the day we are drained and utterly restless. When least expected a vivid spark ignites within us while consuming a light meal in the diner, gazing out through the window. The sunset approaches decorating the open skies with the most beautiful array of colors you have ever seen. We gasp at the majestic beauty before us and decide then and there to continue on our journey, till we find joy and the place that was meant to be our safe haven. Seeking refuge for the night at a close by lodging we have a feeling that the very place we seek may be close indeed. First a good night’s sleep and when the morning comes we will go out in the world and claim our destiny.

One of Markus’ finest pieces and a landmark that will be remembered for years to come, that is without a doubt the pure brilliance and magnitude of his latest creation.

Released: 28/8/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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