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TranceFix Review: Daxson-Persona [Coldharbour Recordings]

It has been quite the creative year for Englishman Dan Dobson. Putting his flowing creativity and ambition to good use, he has been cranking out great tunes like his life depended on it. From “Gaunt/Pressurized” to “Black Magic“, his collab with “Craig Connelly‘ (feat.”Elle Vee“) on “Battleground” and “Skygarden” under his well received “Daxson” alias, they are all truly something special.

 It seems inspiration never runs dry for this one and so he is back at it once again with his brand new anthem of a track under his “Daxson” alias once more. The mighty “Persona” is his newest release on “Coldharbour Recordings“. A powerful track chock-full of life , lush undertones and majestic leads that scream positivity instantly captivating your mind while you get lost into the music itself.

 It is already late afternoon when we mount our heavy black motorcycle and fasten our matching helmet. With a turn of the key and a sturdy thrust a savage growl echoes through the street, our mechanical steed has come to life. Clearing our mind and focusing on the route we wish to take, we are off. The sky above us containing the final rays of sun forms a magnificent atmosphere which we take in like a breath of fresh air, atop our motorcycle. We enjoy the view as we cruise by a large group of buildings destined for offices atop hilly landscapes. As the sun begins to set forming delicate pastel colors all around us so does the mysterious fog creep in making its dramatic appearance. Focused on our driving and everything around us while listening to the gentle roar of our vehicle we press on, feeling like a star in a movie about to experience something grand. The lights on the poles and windows on the many buildings ignite as if by magic, illuminating our fair city. What a glorious sight it sure is we remark continuing on our ride through the ongoing night.

 This single is larger than life and if you crave a pick me up track to take you away from your sorrows and burdens of every day life, this is the one you seek.

Released: 4/9/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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