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TranceFix Talks All Matters ‘Materia’ With Cosmic Gate

Nic Bossi, thanks for talking to us today, fellas. TranceFix would like to add its congratulations to you both on the release of ‘Materia – Chapter.Two’! First up, the obvious question: why did the album arrive as two episodes? 

“Hello guys, thank you very much for the warm words! We like the concept of bringing out two chapters to basically give our fans more time to really explore the music on each Chapter. To release 17 tracks as we did with ‘Start to Feel’ is great, but when people four weeks after release ask, ‘so when do we hear new music?’, we don’t really know how to react to such a question. It’s a project that took all our heart, soul, energy and mostly creative potential for a year. It’s not like pushing a button and say, ‘hey, there is more music for you’… Sound-wise Chapter.Two walks in the footsteps of Chapter.One for sure. For us it’s the Material Album, two big EPs become one Album. The physical copy will hold both Chapters as well. Basically like a book that was released in two parts”.

Cool! So when should we expect to hear some more new music from you guys then…!? Kidding! What we would like to ask though is having now had this experience, is this the new way forward? Is this something you’d look to do again?

“Things change so much and fast in the industry these days, on top we actually did not think about the next album too much, but sure this lets call it ‘the EP way’ we released material might be more & more an option to release music in the future. Let’s see. We keep you guys in the loop!”

In your words, what’s the meaning of ‘Materia’s title to you? How does it reflect on what Cosmic Gate does?

“Well to explain at first, Materia is the Latin term for matter, so basically the substance that all things are made of. In the end, the basics of everything around us and even ourselves as human beings. When we started on first songs and demos for the album we got a feeling that even with pushing musical boundaries further, the music is very fundamentally Cosmic Gate. Somehow very much ‘us’. A lot from our current sound, on top of elements from say 5 to 7 years ago, but also reminiscing some of the earliest years of Cosmic Gate as well. Basically the best of our works during our years together. That’s why we felt Materia is a great working title. And after a while we were like, ‘hey, actually its better than just a working title, lets go for it’. It’s different and simply reflects the music and our feel for what we were doing. And here we are, Chapter.Two is just released now and we have been touring around the world presenting the new album”. 

With ‘AR’ and ‘Noom’, two more first-time collabs with established trance artists (Markus Schulz and Super8 & Tab) have been squared away. Ideal world, which other producer/s would you like to do debut co-productions with?

“When it comes to collaborations, there is so much ‘if, when & why’ involved. It is very hard to answer that question and throw names out, without maybe disappointing the fans when things possibly do not work out as planned… In the end you never know if the, lets call it theoretical dream collaboration is going to work or not. That’s why we are a bit cautious about pointing things out here. Sure there is names out we have in mind. Lets see what we can come up with for the next album. We are wondering ourselves to be very honest!”

Counting Chapter.Two’s latest single ‘Bigger Than We Are’, you’ve now recorded four tracks alongside Eric Lumiere. What appeals to you particularly about what he does as a singer & songwriter?

“Well it’s not only Eric, also with Emma and JES. We do have quite a history going. In general certain singers/songwriters simply fit our sound better than others. And these three simply touch us every single time when we work together. The chemistry inside and out of work is just great, so in using a term from sports: ‘why change a winning team if you don’t have to’!? On the other hand we also always like to work with fresh and new talent. Names no one really knows or expects. A good mixture of both, established and newcomers, this is what we do like and what you will find on future albums of ours as well.”

Alastor aside, we think we can hear a definite style & feel similarity between ‘Chapter.One’s ‘Fight The Feeling’ and ‘Two’s ‘Someday’. Was that intentional or just something that occurred between the three of you as part of the natural artist process?

“Exactly, this is the sound that obviously happens when we work together. Dark, a bit edgy, but also catchy in our eyes. Both tracks are having a similarity in the vibe and of course production side for sure. But on the other hand they are unique and add an important part both to the album and in our DJ sets as well”.

Finally, is this the final word for ‘Materia’? Or were there any demo-stage tracks that you struggled to fit on to the album, that we might we see as a Materia EP (or ‘EPilogue’!?) at a later date?

“This to be honest is a real good question that we cannot even answer yet. There is definitely some more music we started and that did not find the way on Materia, but if we release it furthermore under the Materia brand or come up with something different. We did not even think about it too much yet as mentioned before already. Time will tell. We need to breathe a second after Materia first”.



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  1. I really like the Cosmic Gate sound, but 2 albums with a lot-of-the-same isn’t very surprising or refreshing to be honest. Quality productions, but I miss some refreshment and if they would challenge themselves a bit more it would be really interesting 🙂

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