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TranceFix Review: Novaspace-Revelation [Coldharbour Recordings]

It has been a busy year for Danny Coggin but that does not seem to affect his mind musically, instead it reinforces his creativity when forging music in the studio. Creator of uber cool tracks such as “Cygnus” and “Since You’ve Been Gone (feat. Joseph Vincent)” while achieving numerous plays by the who’s who of dance music under his artist name “Novaspace“. He even had the recent thrill to join his “Coldharbour Recordings” family at one of their legendary “Coldharbour Nights” in exotic Vietnam.

Fueled from his ventures abroad he is now back in action supplying us with his latest anthem “Revelation“, out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. Novaspace delivers a track so sublime: loaded with mesmerizing melodies, gravity defying leads and female whispering vocals that complete the package in full.

Walking along the busy crowded streets of a vibrant city we are aware of the voices of passers by, the sounds of ongoing traffic and the distant sound of construction work somewhere beyond our vision. Moments of everyday life that we take for granted, without really taking notice as we walk our predestined path to work each day. Taking the bus from the nearest bus stop we begin to feel a bit drowsy and slowly give into temptation letting ourselves shut down for a few minutes. A sudden bump in the road jolts our seat and we open our eyes bewildered. We gasp as somehow everything seems altered to us. Things we knew and places we’ve been look different as our senses are suddenly enhanced. Our sense of perception is by far altered. One look at an object or person and we can perceive things that normally would go unnoticed. In mere moments of discovering our new abilities we have already predicted the change in the weather and the now torrent of rain, the mechanical failure of passing vehicles perceived by our enhanced hearing and even the state of the passengers emotions which appear wide open to us now. Quite surprised but also curious about our newfound state, we look forward to uncover more as life and how we perceive it changes by the minute. Everything we see and witness becomes a revelation.

One of “Novaspace’s” craftiest creations without a doubt. Dynamic, inspirational and downright mind blowing. Get yourselves a copy.

Released: 18/9/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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