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TranceFix Review: Harry Square-In The Dark [Interstate Recordings]

DJ/Producer extraordinaire “Harry Square” (Adrian Queenan), has certainly been a blessing to the scene as we have seen him forging dark relentless beats in the studio  that have taken the dance floors and airwaves by storm. Tracks like “Raker” (with Daxson), “The Happy World of Harrybo“, “Ricochet” and “Lancer” all have gained a piece of our heart and mass airplay from DJ’s around the world.

Now he is back and has constructed a masterful track indeed. It is called “In The Dark” and is out now on “Interstate Recordings“. The title itself describes what one may expect to find within: dark rhythms, eerie water droplet sounds and ecstatic leads blended beautifully with Spanish castañuelas style effects.

Everything around us is dark and humid, our vision is less than ideal as make our way carefully along the muddy shores. The moon is hardly visible, a mere sliver of light along the dark endless sky. Even the stars can not be seen brightening up the sky like usual. A howling wind makes itself known as it rustles through the few trees and bushes along the banks. A flaming torch would certainly brighten up our path but would instantly betray our appearance to those we stalk like a predator in the wild. Without a sound we enter the murky waters, armed to the teeth swimming silently towards the ship which is docked faraway from land. They won’t know what hit them we think as we grab hold of the thick wet ropes and climb aboard the ship. The time has come for them to pay for the ruthless deeds they performed upon the many towns they’ve plundered. It is a time for action, bravery and precise agility and we go forth neutralizing our foes one by one catching them totally off guard with the dark night being our strongest ally.

Harry Square shines bright with this enthralling adventurous track. Some of his greatest work without a doubt.

Released: 15/9/2017

Label: Interstate Recordings 


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