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TranceFix Review: Dave Neven-Bliss E.P [Coldharbour Recordings]

What a great year it has been for Chicago native Dave Neven. Tearing through it like it is his last year on Earth, he has been working hard to bring us some of his craftiest work ever as if looking to leave his legacy behind. From the magnificent “Darkside E.P” to the magical vocal anthem “Breathing Again“, featuring “Nuttalya“,  to his mesmerizing rework of the “4 Strings” classic “Take Me Away“, every single track screams excellence and sheer quality.

Here he is once again unveiling his new E.P on “Coldharbour Recordings” entitled “Bliss E.P“. Stashed within we are set to discover three new gems that will certainly rock our world.

Bliss“: The title track of the E.P is loaded with pure euphoric vibes of utter happiness and fulfillment. Beautiful, sublime leads merge alongside solid basslines that complement the track ideally.

After a stressful day’s work at the office we depart, peering up at the remaining rays of sun cast down upon the Earth and witness the wonders that surround us along every stride of our predestined path home. Tall trees full of bright green leaves and flowers of numerous colors are exhibited along the many patches layed out throughout our fair city, while songbirds carry out a pleasant tune that without a doubt improve the mood and outtake on it all. Fresh scents of aroma from the many coffee shops ignite our senses and amuse our nostrils. Maybe a small stop here to enjoy some of the small pleasures of life will rejuvenate us futher. As we take the first sips from our freshly brewed coffee and gaze upon the world before us, taking everything in like tiny morsels of the tastiest treat, we are flooded with an overwhelming feeling of inner bliss.

Moon Shadow“: Grindy, darker stuff here by Mr.”Darklifter” himself. Easily could have been part of his  previous E.P. A conflict between darkness and light is evident as the main track is constructed around tough aggressive basslines and dark melodies even though positive vibes try to creep in every so often to take over the track, flooding us with happier emotions much like the rays of sun on a dark and dreary day.

Utter darkness falls over the land. The sky grows dark and mist spreads across the high mountains we could so easily see before us earlier. Day is easily confused as night while the intensity of the sun fades with every passing minute. The crows start to cackle from the highest tops of the trees, flying off in all directions as if terrified by an upcoming threat. Looking up at sky ourselves, a sudden chill runs down our spine. Leaves fall from the trees with such intensity that stirs a feeling of fear within us. Endless scenarios  run through our mind and we feverishly search for a place to take cover from it all. Like the creatures of the forest and critters alike, we run like never before to escape what some may call the end of all things. Taking refuge in a shallow cave we wait things out as the winds increase, howling like rabid wolves sweeping everything in their path. We stand by, witness to the power of nature at hand, smiting down mighty trees that so proudly decorated the land. After an amount of time that to us seemed like eternity, the strength of the winds seems to decrease and the sky grows lighter as if day itself is anxious to reclaim the land, conquering the darkness.

A Trip Around The Sun“: This one also has a tough aggressive nature to it. Powerful and edgy, packing a mysterious yet beautiful melody at the core of the track that shakes us off our feet like an Earth tremor.

Opening our eyes slowly, we realize we have been laying on our back staring up at the sky as if the wind was literally knocked out of us. It is already late afternoon and the blue sky seems to darken as the sun makes its abysmal trip towards the valley behind the large looming mountains that lay out before us. With no time to waste we climb atop our trusty steed that has been grazing in the distance and charge off in pursuit of the sun. As we gallop on and on the sun plays tricks with us dipping in and out of the long cloud formations that have appeared on the horizon like an illusionist trying to grasp the audience’s attention before his final trick. Images of rare beauty can be seen throughout the journey on horseback and we enjoy every minute of our escapade before returning home to the security and comfort of our cabin in the dark and lonesome woods, before darkness falls and the wolves begin to prowl.

An exquisite E.P by Dave who is determined to conquer the year, planting the “Darklifter” flag firmly into the core of the dance music world.

Released: 25/9/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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