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TranceFix Review: Afternova – Essential Mixes Part 1

If you’ve been listening to uplifting trance over the years, then you should already be acquainted with the hallmark trance sounds of Afternova.  After having released a plethora of trance bangers on his labels Afternova Music and Time Leap Records under aliases such as Night Sky, Northern Skyline, and Third Point, Afternova blesses us with a three track EP titled Afternova Essential Mixes Part 1. These singles will surely gratify any trance fan’s yearnings for uplifting melodies and pounding basslines.

The lead single “Watching the Stars (Essential Mix)” kicks into gear in typical fashion with a punchy kick and a rolling mid bassline to set the groove of the track.  Before you know it, the intro lead melody kicks in which leads up to the melodic breakdown. From there the track effortlessly ascends off into pure euphoria as the full melody is ultimately revealed. This one has a very distinctive, summerish vibe to it and is destined for the clubs.

The other two singles off the EP “Integrity (Essential Mix)” and “Way of Life (Essential Mix)” are just as melodic and uplifting as the lead single. If you’re an avid Afternova follower, then you know he never disappoints with the leads and these three tracks display his penchant for uplifting trance melodies. On that note, be sure to pick this one up and add to your collections.

Release dates:

Afternova – Way Of Life (Essential Mix)

Afternova – Integrity (Essential Mix) –

Afternova – Watching The Stars (Essential Mix)

Written by Shu Ahmed for TranceFix

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