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Interview with DIM3NSION

One of Spain’s most promising trance artists is without a doubt is Borja Iglesias Touceda, an artist that goes by the stage name “DIM3NSION”. He has been conjuring up some proper trance beats that could move even the most heartless person on the dance floor. An artist that loves to create music that delights not only his inner soul but also the vast audience he has gained around the world, is always striving to prepare his next offering to the dance music scene. With “Origami” being the track that got the whole world focused on him and his creative abilities, we all followed in his footsteps as he unleashed many more musical gems along the way. Originals such as: “Voorpret”, “Mangata”, “Bocanegra”, “Morgana”, “The Energy” and remixes or collaborations with fellow artists have all claimed a piece of our soul and countless replays on major artists’ performances and radio shows on a global scale.

Fan of his work since “Origami” myself, I was absolutely honored to sit down with him and chat, right at the heart of all things dance music during “ADE”, at the magical capital of electronic music itself, Amsterdam in the Netherlands exclusively for Trancefix.nl. Here is what we discussed on an afternoon during “Amsterdam Dance Event 2017”.

Question 1: How did you plunge into the dance music scene? Could you please share the story behind it?

It was something that came natural. I always liked music, I played the piano and when I traveled with my parents by car, I always listened to announcements of clubs and parties on the radio and they always used trance music in the background. The typical supersaw arpeggio and I was captured by that kind of sound. Then luckily I discovered some software to create music included in a box of cereal. I really felt the need to create my own melodies and that is why I started making music. After that, a friend shared a new program, FL Studio, which worked much better for me. I´m still working with this one today.

Question 2: Your track “Origami” was certainly a defining track, a stepping stone if you will into the welcoming world of “Flashover Recordings”. When creating the track did you ever expect it would be embraced this way and become a favorite amongst numerous dance music fans and artists alike?

No, the beautiful thing about “Origami” was that I had signed with “Dance Therapy” (Ferry Corsten’s management) which was my first management. Ferry always was my favorite producer and he was very cool with me and always gave me feedback. At that moment I missed the old Ferry Corsten sound. I think Ferry for all of us is big melodic supersaw arpeggios and euphoric trance, so I tried to make a track to bring Ferry back to his old days. It actually was something I did to thank him for everything he did for me and I think that is the big secret behind “Origami”. I didn’t try to make a hit, I tried to make something that Ferry really loved. It was made with my heart so I think that was the key. I never expected all the things that happened after that, like people’s reactions and my DJ-debut at one of the best clubs in the world, “Ministry of Sound”.

Question 3: The boss of “Flashover Recordings”, “Ferry Corsten” has the highest respect for your work and named you the next best thing in trance. How does that make you feel and did you ever expect to achieve this honor?

It’s really important for me that the producer who made me discover trance music, now is supporting me. He is close to me, advises me and he says all these great things about me. He gave me the opportunity to create a track for the “Gouryella” show, which was amazing. It made me feel really proud and at the same time thankful because all of these things never would have been if Ferry didn’t believe in me.

Question 4: Your sound is certainly recognizable and contains that unique characteristic. A fusion of old school classic trance along with modern day elements. How did you form this sound and did you ever believe it would ignite the spark for the return of “Gouryella, Ferry Corsten’s most recognizable alias?

I miss the golden years of trance music because I think it was more original than trance music nowadays. It had more soul and more work behind it I think. Right now people understand as uplifting trance all the music around 138 BPM and for me it´s too generic and boring, all the tracks are really similar to each other. In the past most trance music was between 138 and 140 BPM but all the tracks were different at the same time. So that is what I´ve tried to do, to create those melodies and feelings but with a modern sound.

Question 5: When entering the studio and closing out the world, do you draw inspiration for your music from specific moments, experiences or places you have visited?

I think it is a bunch of things. It mostly depends on my mood. For example after a gig or after traveling, like this weekend at Luminosity during ADE, that is a new inspiration. Other times I go out for a walk in my city and I am thinking what to do or I listen to a song on the radio that inspires me, but most of the time it is based on my feelings. But in the end there is no particular thing which makes me inspired to create music.

Question 6: It seems you are on quite the roll, as we have seen you mixing the “Flashover presents DIM3NSION“ compilation on “Flashover Recordings”, creating loads of new tracks and collaborating with others. What is the next thing we may expect from “DIM3NSION”?

The next thing is a collaboration with ‘Zaa‘ on Flashover. He is one of the biggest talents in Mexico, so we are trying to join forces as there are not much people who speak Spanish in the trance industry haha. We did a very melodic tune, like my previous tracks and we are really happy with ‘Cielo‘ as Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz already support the track on their radio shows. So we are on the right path!
I also did a new collab with “Heatbeat” called “Mutenroy”, which will be released on their own label on Armada, “Aerys Records”, and I´m working on a lot of new music like the new Origami that I´ve already premiered in some of my gigs and more special things that I can´t reveal for now.

Question 7: You just remixed the ultra classic trance anthem “Calling Your Name” by “Jan Johnston” and “BT”. How did that come to be and was it a track you always wanted to lay your hands on?

Oh it was really funny because I really like “Calling Your Name”, it is a pure classic and “Black Hole Recordings” asked me for a remix of the track, so I really tried to make something different more close to my track “Celeste”.I figured that style for this remix worked and it seems people really love it, I´ve received great comments about it.

Question 8: If you could choose to remix or rework any track from the whole music spectrum, which would it be and why?

It´s a tough question. I listen to more electronic music than any other styles, so all the track titles that come to my mind are electronic music. One of the first trance songs I heard and captured me was “Gouryella – Ligaya“, so maybe that song would be great to remix. But I´m also a big fan of Tiësto, so to remix one of his trance hits would be great as well.

Question 9: The age old question, Djing or producing. What is your favorite and could it satisfy you to pick just one?

I can´t choose one. I really love making music because it is my life, and I am djing because I am making music. Without music you can´t DJ, but djing in a live club or a festival has an energy with the crowd that you can’t experiment in the studio because you are completely alone.

But it´s beautiful to create music in the studio and then enjoy that music in a big club with lots of people dancing in front of you. If I really had to choose between the two, I would pick producing music over DJíng, because I feel more comfortable in the studio than in front of a lot of people looking at you haha.

Question 10: You just released your new anthem “Stampida” on “Coldharbour Recordings”. How does it feel to be back on the back on the harbour?

Stampida” was a different style for me, some trance mixed with a little techno. It’s something that I really like to do because I can’t make Origami style tracks all the time. I need to make different things to keep my mind fresh, so it was really funny to make “Stampida”. When I was working on the track I felt that things came naturally and the elements I was using, fit each other. For me that´s one of the most beautiful things when creating music. When suddenly the thing you have in mind, easily expresses itself on your sequencer, and that’s exactly what happened with ‘Stampida‘.

Question 11: What artists inspire you the most from the dance music scene and who were your idols growing up?

The most inspiring artist for me in the past and nowadays is “Ferry Corsten” but also “Tiesto” as I mentioned before. He has a unique sound as a producer, but I also like him as a Dj. Over the years “Armin Van Buuren” became one of my favorites too.

Question 12:Trance is not exactly a big thing in Spain just yet opposing to other genres. How does it feel to be a somewhat of an ambassador for trance and do you think more and more people will begin to embrace it?

It is true that trance is not the biggest genre in Spain, but I think it is growing. In Spain we have a lot of festivals and step by step they begin having their own trance stage. Artists like “Cosmic Gate”, “Aly & Fila”, “Ferry Corsten” are coming to Spain to play and in my social media most of the replies and feedback I see are in Spanish, so that is a good thing. We don’t have regular trance parties in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona yet, but we do have some small ones, so it’s growing. But we still have a lot of things to do.

Question 13: So back in The Netherlands once more. Were you excited to play at the “Luminosity” event at this year’s “ADE” and what did the fans get to hear? New material, exclusive remixes or classics?

I focused on my new tracks of course but also mixed with other tracks and styles. I don’t like to play just hit after hit, but build the set with a proper selection of tracks. That´s what I always try to do. So yes, I do play most of my last and upcoming tunes and also some new tracks from other artists.

Question 14: Speaking of classics, it seems many around the globe are missing the departed but not forgotten gems of trance. Evidence to the fact are many classic trance tracks finding their way once more in DJ’s performances and radio shows. What is your take on it all?

I always loved trance music. I think this kind of music always has been a part of me but of course music trends change all the time, just like things as clothes, football teams etc. But yes, it seems people are demanding the old classic trance back again, so it´s good that some DJ´s are doing their performances, it´s good for trance in my opinion.

Question 15: Besides rocking our world with your mind bending music what else do you enjoy doing? Hobbies, favorite pass times?

Yes I really like to play football but I had an injury in the past, so I stopped playing. I still try to do some sports like riding a bike, go to the gym. I also am a big fan of formula one so that’s kind of how I spend my time. And of course I’d like to go out for a walk and have fun with my friends.

Question 16: “DIM3NSION”, what is the significance behind the artist name that you have become so globally known for?

When I started to make music, my very first computer was a really old one which crashed all the time. So my parents bought me a new one and the name was “Dell C521 Dimension”. At that time I was looking for an artist name but I had no idea about what kind of name to choose and when I saw my new pc and read dimension, I really liked it and I start to make music with that name. Now it is “DIM3NSION” because of the fact that there is another artist making another style of music and everyone was getting confused about that, so I think now with the name change, everything is clear.

Question 17: As one who has traveled to Spain myself and adores it, the food, the culture and all, have you ever considered doing a Spanish vocal track with an artist from there?

Yeah, that´s also something I really want to do, because there are not so many Spanish vocal tracks out there, so it should be interesting!

Question 18: Who is the person behind “DIM3NSION”? How would you best describe yourself as a person?

It is a hard question, maybe it is a question for my friends to answer or someone close to me haha. I think “DIM3NSION” is a quiet man who loves sports, animals, nature and making music is his biggest passion in life.

Question 19: “Origami”, “Mangata”, “Cima”, “Voorpret” and so many others. Which track do you cherish most amongst all others?

Origami” of course, because I never expected all the things that happened after that and it has a big meaning for me because of the relation with “Ferry Corsten” and Flashover. It was funny to see other artists being inspired to create old trance tracks on their old aliases like “Armin Van Buuren” with “Rising Star” and everyone thinking that “Ferry Corsten” was the man behind “Origami”. It was such a big moment!

Question 20: What is the one thing you would change about yourself and what could you never live without?

Maybe I should believe more in myself, sometimes I can be insecure and I guess I could never live without the sea close to me, so Vigo is the perfect city to live for me! But that’s something that might change in the future, when I have gigs more often and have to travel more.







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