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TranceFix Review: Basil O’Glue-Depth Of Field [Saturate Audio]

Haris Vasiloglou is quickly becoming one of Greece’s finest electronic dance music artists. You may know him under his artist name “Basil O’Glue“, as he has captivated our mind and senses with his long string of dark and enthralling releases on labels ranging from “C0ldharbour Recordings“, “Pure Trance” and of course his own label which is co-owned with DJ/Producer “Styller“, “Saturate Audio“. Boasting two superb mix compilations on the aforementioned label called “Saturate Audio Immersed I and II“, which went extremely well and countless performances at events and festivals around the world, none of this seems to halt his creative process for even a second.

The following is a complete presentation of his brand new artist album entitled “Depth Of Field“. Open the chest before you and dig in deep as there are plenty of treasures to be discovered.

1.”Echoic Memories“: The first track of the album is the most fitting way to venture into the music found within. Dreamlike melodies which sound like they are played out on crystal chandeliers emerge from the deep surrounded by children’s calls echoing down dark, lonesome corridors.

2.”Everyone Has A Story”: Techy rhythms blended among spaced out effects and nostalgic like melodies, paced perfectly making it a track that will get your mind as well as your feet moving on the dance floor.

3.”Astarte“: Male and female whispering vocals tease us, as if playing a treacherous game amidst dark rhythms and mysterious leads that sound as if they come from the deepest seas, unknown to all. A thrilling experience and truly unique track here.

4.”Hoax“: This one has more of a progressive nature to it. Reminiscent of the golden days of underground dance music and packing a lead that gets entangled in your brain for the longest time, what’s not to like?

5.”There Is Still Hope“: Bell effects of many shapes and sounds decorate the track elegantly while we are surrounded by lush melodies as if descended by the heavens themselves, shedding a bit more light into the darkness at hand, while mysterious chants inspire hope within the depths of our core.

6.”The Sun Will Rise Again“: Breath taking aural melodies of bliss and serenity are found widely throughout this one, emphasized with vocal exhales and buzzing basslines. Absolutely magical.

7.”Time To Flee“: Lone wolf cries, hard persistent knocks on the iron gate and aural effects of all kinds are present here enhancing the atmosphere while we are blown away by the mystical yet inspiring melodies and upbeat synths that dominate the track.

8.”Who Is This“: Old school vibes fused together perfectly with new age elements the end result being a track that is dreamy, harmonic and enchanting, emanating bliss while the female vocals add an extra touch of beauty to an already perfectly polished and mesmerizing track.

9.”Live For A Second“: A vibrant track that is full of life. Sweet melodies ripped straight from the heart lay before us at the mighty core of this atmospheric “seize the day, while you can” feel of the track while epic leads inspire us all beyond measure.

10.”Balthazar“: This one has a darker essence to it. Mysterious and haunting organ melodies flood our very souls while aggressive pumping rhythms seize control making this a real journey full of highs and lows.

11.”Gigant”: The sound of mighty iron chain clanks stand out amidst creepy, whispering vocals and sinister melodies, all part of the harsh and dark environment found within the track.

A truly extraordinary album by Basil, who has gone above and beyond to forge a rare and thriving musical journey that will explore the darkest and lightest corners of your mind. If there is one album you should purchase before the end of the year, this is it.

Released: 10/11/2017

Label: Saturate Audio


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