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Exclusive Interview with Adina Butar!

Romanian singer/songwriter “Adina Butar” is an artist who knew since the very beginning what she craved most in life. Her passion for dance music, hard work ,talent, dedication and ability to write intricate and emotional tales and place them with grace within her music have got her far in her career. Her track “Muse” (with “Markus Schulz“), catapulted her straight to stardom, followed by an ever growing, loyal fan base and utter recognition by many established artists in the scene. Equally adored and sought after were tracks like “Crashed and Burned” (with “Venom One“), “Don’t Let Go” (with “Tenishia“), “Caught” (with “Markus Schulz“) and many more. In addition to her work as a singer/songwriter she also is a talent manager at “Schulz Music Group” (SMG), having a keen ear and ability of spotting out some of the best upcoming talents in trance, recruiting artists such as “Dave Neven” and “Novaspace” to “Coldharbour Recordings“. As if that is not enough our tireless heroine puts her production skills to test working together with another DJ/Producer and Singer (“Morena”), forming the dynamic duo known as “Lace Up“, which in turn gave us the marvelous “Caliber“. Add to all this live performances as well as organizing and promoting events under her own brand “We Trance“,  it seems that there is nothing this talented woman can not do, excelling in everything she attempts. It is always a pleasure to see Adina and I recently had the honor of sitting down with her and chatting about many things during this year’s thrilling “Amsterdam Dance Event“. It was a lot of fun and now you can all experience it for yourselves by reading this exclusive interview for Trancefix.nl!

Question 1: Can you please share with us the story of how you discovered and fell in love with dance music?

Oh it was like a long long time ago, maybe like 15 or 20 years ago. I used to work in a radio station where I used to have my own radio show from Monday to Friday. As you may know when you work on the radio you have a selection of songs that you have to play 100% plus choose your own, giving my own input. I used to love songs like “4 Strings-Take Me Away” and all those classics. That’s how I fell in love with trance actually, by having my own radio show and playing the music. While I was listening to them, I was singing at the same time and I was like: ok this is what I feel in my soul, this is what feels right you know? That is how I started to be in love with trance music and as a singer as well, I always imagined to myself that this is the path, if I am ever going to do this, this is the path!

Question 2: What was the most defining moment in your career?

Defining moment? Definitely when I met Markus (Schulz) for sure, in 2012. We like to call it destiny. It was meant to be, I feel like it was written in the stars and yes that was the moment when everything in my life felt right.

Question 3: As a singer/songwriter every day is a challenge as you have to push yourself to put your emotions into words that will in turn move the audience. Where do you draw inspiration from and are any of your tracks related to personal experiences?

Yes but you know what it’s funny as a songwriter I used to write much better for other artists than for myself. This is kind of interesting because I don’t know it’s just like when you see a person and when you want to write for somebody you just kind of have more courage in a way, to write something for somebody else. I mean of course when I write my own songs some of them are part of my experiences but also my friends’ experiences as well. Sometimes I hear stories and I want to write about somebody or something that I heard which kind of impressed me, something that made a lasting impression on me! Of course then they are not 100% my own experiences but my friends experiences as well, the people close to me, that is pretty much where the inspiration comes from.

Question 4: If you had to choose one of your tracks out of all you have worked on, which would you say is your favorite and why?

Muse”. we wrote it in one day as it was just coming to us. When we finished writing that track I was like oh my god I think we have something special. So yeah I feel like “Muse” is actually my favorite one from all of them, but of course I love “Crashed and Burned” with “Venom One”. I love that one because it is more sensitive and it kind of has a lot of emotion so when I perform it live I feel the emotions.

Question 5: Which artist have you always looked up to and who would you like to collaborate with?

Of course I enjoy collaborating with talented people that have the same vibe, I’ve been having a lot of opportunities actually and I can even say that I turned down some of them because they were too commercial for me, you know what I mean? It’s just like you got to know what you want to put out as an artist. I think obviously as long as there are going to be trance DJ’s and producers I am always open to collaborate with everybody, but I wouldn’t really sell myself to mainstream, even though I had many opportunities. We were also talking about having a collaboration with “4 Strings” in the future who obviously I admire, because of things I told you and “Take Me Away” which is one of the songs which got me to fall in love with trance music and then obviously other artists as well.

Question 6: Your team project “Lace Up” has been a massive one and I for one loved “Caliber”. Any plans for a new release and if so when can we expect it?

Oh “Lace Up”, Morena the other girl from the group, she is a really really good friend, a good DJ and singer as well and yeah we were just thinking about it and agreed to let’s just do this for fun. But because we also have our own careers in singing, I’m a singer and she’s a singer we kind of focused more on these things because we do that for fun, as long as it makes sense and when we have requests from promoters we can play as “Lace Up” it’s fine but yeah it definitely has to be just for fun.

Question 7: Some may not know but you are responsible for bringing some great talent to “Coldharbour Recordings”including Danny Coggin aka “Novaspace” or Dave Neven. How do you feel to have seen them grow and achieve great things?

Oh yeah “Novaspace” is very talented, he actually does a lot of commercial stuff and he does it well, so you can not stop him from doing it because it is important to let your artist express himself. At the same time he also loves the trance genre and has an interesting take on it when he produces trance. I said to him: “Listen we are going to do two things”. “We are going to do them in parallel you can release trance songs and at the same time you can also have collaborations with singers that are more commercial and you can do your commercial stuff as well”. Those are of course things that we release on other labels, not just “Coldharbour Recordings”. In his case we collaborate with other labels like “Universal Music”. “Dave Neven” is also one of the artists that we believe in. He is really rising right now and it is a pleasure to watch him grow. I feel he gets better and better everyday. We are very excited for him and feel like he is one of the artists that is going to be around for a long time. When I look at his career I see it as a big picture; he will be here 10 years from now for sure. But “SMG” has so many talented artist right now. “Arkham Knightsare on fire, we just signed “Jam el Mar”, “Nifra” of course (the queen of the team), “Solid Stone”, “Anske”, etc.

Question 8: Your newest project you are involved in is planning parties under the “We Trance Events” name. From what I heard and saw on social media the first party in Timisoara, Romania was a huge success. How does it feel to add another notch on your belt of success and are you planning any other events like that somewhere around the world?

Yeah actually it is very very interesting because you know in Romania there was a big void for Trance events. “Tranceandance” used to do some great parties, but they stopped after the unfortunate event (death of “Snatt Dragos” one half of “Snatt & Vix”). We all felt really bad, because he was such a passionate person for the Romanian trance scene. We felt like somebody had to continue what he started, keeping trance alive in Romania. I was talking with “Bogdan Vix” and he actually said to me: “Listen if you are not going to do this no one else is going to”. I knew this was important for so many people, so I decided we needed to start this new brand “We Trance Events” for Romania. We started in Timisoara, the next party is going to be in Bucharest and eventually I hope to expand throughout Europe. I am very happy with the result of our first event, because before especially in that part of Romania, there were not really any trance events. The venue was packed and everyone was very proud and happy to have this in the city. We are already teaming up with more venues for more events for the future. We are making a point; that trance has always been alive in Romania.

Question 9: Your track with Markus Schulz, “New York City (Take Me Away)” has become an instant fave for me. Purely addictive! Can you share the story behind it and are you guys planning more work together in the future?

Ah that’s nice! Ok so in this song we were actually having a great time in New York and we were talking about how you go to a certain city, it gives you some kind of feelings and nobody ever wrote a story about the relationship between somebody and a city. It’s a lot like when you listen to the lyrics in the beginning you think it is about a relationship between two people but actually when you get to the chorus you realize it’s almost like a dedication to the city and then when you go back and re listen to the lyrics from the beginning, you kind of understand what it is all about, it makes sense. So obviously it’s a city where anybody can lose themselves and can feel like you can forget about the world for a night.

Question 10: A question I am sure many Adina fans wonder about is certainly this one. Have you ever considered doing an “Adina Butar” artist album and if so what direction or ideas would you plan to incorporate within?

Yes of course I am thinking about it and I hope it’s going to happen soon. Next year I plan on spending more time in the studio because I have been traveling so much and you know writing on the road is not the same as being in the studio. Of course it’s going to be a trance album and it’s going to be written from my soul. I am also open to collaborate with others songwriters because I want the best out of it, the more great minds, the better.

Question 11: If you hadn’t discovered your love for dance music what do you think you would most enjoy doing?

Probably working on the radio and TV for sure because I was actually working on the radio before. In the same time music was always like something I loved and when everything became very serious with music I kind of had to choose so I chose music. If not for sure I would have been working in radio or TV

Question 12: The rework of “Right In The Night” which you have worked on has received legendary status. Happy to have had the opportunity to witness it played out myself by Markus Schulz at Ministry of Sound in London back in February. Was that a favorite track of yours that you wanted to add your touch to it and when will it be released?

Yes, actually it is one of mine and Markus’ favorite songs. I remember listening to it when I was just a little girl and I’m very lucky and honored to be the one singing the official remake, There is going to be an official release in January with a music video under “Markus Schulz vs Jam el Mar” (“Jam &Spoon”) feat “Adina Butar”. “Jam el Mar” is such a great person and we are very excited to represent him as an artist as well, we just signed him on “Schulz Music Group”, so we are going to represent and manage him; he is very talented, he is amazing in the studio and he does amazing productions! I am looking forward for this release, everybody has been asking me when is that going to come out for many months now 🙂

Question 13: We all know and have followed your work closely. Any upcoming tracks with fellow Coldharbour artists on the horizon and if so with who?

Well I have a track with “Andy Moor” which is not a “Coldharbour Recordings” artist of course but it is also a future release.

Question 14: With all the traveling you do, due to your work, do you have the time to dive in deep and discover the cities you visit, experiencing the culture and all?

To be honest with you, I really prefer to sleep. I mean if you make me to choose between visiting the tourist spots of a city or get some sleep then I would prefer really to just go to sleep. I really know all the clubs in all the cities so yeah if you ask me what do you know from that city I am like oh yeah I know that club, that club and that club just kidding hehe. Of course when we are staying longer and not just one day then yeah for sure I am able to go and discover the city, but when you are there just for one day it is really hard.

Question 15: Which is your most favorite place in the world and where do you go to unwind from the craziness of everyday life?

I don’t have one favorite place in the world, I have in different countries and in turn different vibes from each place. I really do love Bali (Indonesia), I feel like for me Bali is a place where I can unwind there, it’s like a different frequency a different pace, everything slows down and you are actually able to enjoy the beauty of the world, you see the world differently. You see those people there that are actually enjoying life just from the little things and in turn you start to appreciate the things that you don’t really appreciate in other cities, in other countries. So it’s kind of like for me Bali, is the island that I will always choose for relaxing and forgetting about the world and everything for a bit.

Question 16: I know many of us would be happy to see more Adina Butar live performances. Do you think you will do more of this throughout Europe and do you enjoy performing to such large crowds?

Of course I always enjoy performing, yeah that’s for sure and I mean I am always open to have shows and we usually do them under the “Coldharbour Nights” theme because we team up with other DJ’s as well. It is usually better for the show; because as a live performer, as a singer I have a 30 minute show you know? So it is better when you team up with DJ’s; probably this is why lots of singers likeChristina Noveli”, even “Betsie Larkin” learn how to dj as well. And fans can always see me perform also in Markus Schulz shows 🙂

Question 17: If you could add your touch and sing any track from the whole music spectrum which would it be and why?

I already did it with “Right In The Night” actually, this can be an example, it’s a cover and I really have to be careful with what I choose cause with covers you must be better or at least equal with the original. I’m really happy with the result of “Right In The Night” and the feedback has been amazing and yeah this is one of the tracks that I have had in my soul and was really happy to be able to do it because I sang it when I was a little girl in the bedroom all those years ago so now I am able to perform live in front of thousands of people

Question 18: What was a very exciting experience for you all these years on the road and can you please share the story with us?

Well you know I think the most important thing is meeting people, getting to know all the different cultures and how people think in different territories and being able to experience the culture in a country and then go to another country and then experience the culture there. What I have learned through touring is actually, it has been teaching me as a soul to not judge because everybody is different. When you grow up somewhere and you have the mentality from where you are and then you go somewhere else and people are different you have the impulse to judge at first, oh this is different from what I’ve been told, but that is wrong in my opinion you know, because everybody is different and I have learned to not judge, to accept everyone the way they are and to learn from everyone and every experience life brought to me.

Question 19: Alongside artists such as “Mr.Pit”, “Bogdan Vix”, “Claudia Cazacu”, “Alexandra Badoi”, you are one of the hottest talents Romania has to offer. How does it feel to be a part of something so huge, representing your country in the dance music scene and do you think there will be more upcoming artists we should keep an eye on?

There actually a lot of talented people there and you know the music industry in Romania is really huge and there are always upcoming artists, so we are keeping an eye on them. The only problem is there are actually many very talented artists that are just popular in Romania because they sing in Romanian, they don’t sing in English and they don’t really think about having a career outside of the country, there are a few exceptions but yeah that’s one of the reasons it’s difficult for Romanians. Certainly not because of a lack of talent. There are a lot of talented people, like “Alina Eremia” for example (she has a collaboration with “Novaspace”) and I actually told her that for sure she would totally be able to perform internationally and do more songs in English and we would be happy to help her if she ever wants to expand out of Romania. I used to sing in English right from the begining and I always wanted to do trance so I am very lucky destiny was so good to me 🙂 If someone would have told me before I was born in this lifetime I will be a singer, travel around the world, live on the beach, meet a lot of people, find the love of my life, put my soul into songs and words and inspire through them I would be like omg that sounds like a dream. I must have probably done something good in my past lives for sure to deserve this! I am always grateful and live everyday trying to spread as much positivity as I can in the world.

“Oh thank you so much for the interview and everything!!”


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