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TranceFix Review: Claus Backslash-Insane Dreams E.P [Coldharbour Recordings]

Claus Backslash, is an artist that surely likes to do things differently. That can be seen throughout his body of work and the wide variety of sounds and styles he incorporates into his releases. Gaining support from some of the major players in the scene and performing at some of the coolest locations in Europe and beyond he continues to make waves of his very own , whether it is curating his hit radio show “Thunder In Paradise” or creating amazing tracks which have been released on labels such as “Coldharbour Recordings” , “AVA Recordings“, “We Are Trance“, “Redux Recordings” and many more. Now we find him tearing things up once more with his enthralling E.P entitled “Insane Dreams“, out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“.

Starcatcher“: This is a tune that is infused to the core with twisted leads, raw energy and breath taking melodies alongside flawless effects that zip in and out of the track plus a space narrative segment which purely seals the deal.

A seamlessly quiet and undisturbed day in outer space with just research and documentation of our discoveries gets overturned by an incident that none of us here expected would ever occur. While treading lightly on the planet we have been researching for months we uncover, as luck would have it, an alien like settlement that seems to have diminished a century ago. Fascinated by the remnants of alien lore we have discovered we examine everything inquisitively. Sending a radio message back to the command center to confirm the find has been the biggest honor of our life. Nervous and excited at the same time we venture on, going deeper into this ancient city amongst the stars. What occurred here and what happened to the beings that once dwelled  here has us in wonder. The architecture and structures we find resemble our own to a horrific level as if we somehow fell into a parallel universe and we have discovered a new twisted up version of Earth. Remnants of godlike statues can be seen layed out on the torn cobbled streets we tread and no sign of life or vegetation of any kind can be found. Gazing at everything in awe and wonder we continue our stroll through this broken and forgotten city, eager to discover more, consumed by human curiosity.

Full Emotion“: This one is packed with distorted basslines, heavenly plucks, melodies that elevate you in mid air as well as explosive leads, chock full of good vibes only. One listen to this and you will be positively charged for the entire day.

Tired  after a hectic and busy week at work in the city we can not wait for the weekend to arrive and make our great escape from our constant reality. With all this in mind, we board the train that will serve as our transport to a better world. Climbing aboard we already begin to feel a change stirring within. Finding our seat we relax, sipping on our coffee as we peer out through the large window. It is afternoon and we leave behind us the large gray industrial buildings that appear like lifeless and colorless objects. As time passes and the sun begins to set, painting lush colors of beauty upon the sky, the images that we witness from our window improve our mood and elevate our spirit. This must be what was intended for us, before we decided to live otherwise: beautiful stretched out open spaces of green, trees of many shapes and sizes bearing fruit of many colors and majestic mountains way in the distance like giants, protectors of the kingdom of nature that lays out before us. All this under the many beautiful hues of the afternoon sky. Our spirit is soaring and we are overflown with a downpour of emotions, eager to reach our dreamlike destination and explore it all.

Insane Dreams” : This is without a doubt the most energetic one out of the bunch. Atmospheric yet powerful, including strange female spiritual cries which are embedded in a slightly haunting and mystical melody. This tune really throws you headfirst into the wide unknown.

Riding proudly among our fellow warriors our armor and helmet gleaming in the sun, we chase after our enemies. Chasing them down in their own land, a land foreign to us, we advance upon them with the fury and wrath that our kind is known for. Our horses gallop swiftly and loudly while we chant terrifying war cries to strike terror within the enemy. It seems to have worked as their army can be seen running off frightened by our wrath. We have them now we think to ourselves, as we see them scurrying off into the ancient temple that lay out before us. In they went and leaving our horses behind we creep in, in single file. What we discover we clearly were not prepared for. Entering the dark candle lit temple a smell of incense burning and an air of mysticism surrounds us. Instead of discovering where our foes are hiding we come upon large statues of marble Gods, all different in appearance and wearing stern expressions upon their stone cold faces. The cosmic energy within has begun to affect us, as we begin to feel trapped, bewildered and confused. It is as if this very place has gotten hold of us and is willing to consume our very soul. One by one we begin to feel weak and unwilling to carry on the task we set out to do. The air and incense has clouded our mind to such a scale that we begin to lose our senses. We may indeed lose our mind and life within this ancient place we realize, while being robbed of our very essence by an unseen force. We make for the exit moving slowly, exhausted, swearing that if we escape this peril, which may become our tomb, we will cast aside our armor and weapons and seek another life for ourselves leaving our old one behind us. Some of us did not make it out, the ones that did breathe heavily and give thanks carrying out the promise we made in our hardest moment.

An exquisite package by Claus that will surely be part of your musical journeys for years to come.

Released: 30/10/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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