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TranceFix Review: Markus Schulz pres.Dakota-The Spirit Of The Warrior [Coldharbour Recordings]

An artist that continues to pour his soul into his music and live performances all around the globe, Markus Schulz is one that inspires thousands. A fact easily recognized when witnessing one of his legendary “Open To Close” performances, while glancing around the venue as he takes the crowd on one of his epic journeys. This year has been a marvelous one for him production wise as well as we’ve had a glimpse into his newest artist album “The Nine Skies“, under his “Dakota” alias. “Mota Mota” (with “Koen Groeneveld“), “Running Up That Hill” (with “Bev Wild“) and “In Search Of Something Better” all were revealed to us one by one. The newest single from the album is the mighty “Spirit Of The Warrior“. Naturally released on “Coldharbour Recordings” and this year’s theme of the world famous “Transmission” event, it has become a riveting success. On the verge of creating something truly unique and inspirational, Markus presents us with an anthemic, sensational track complete with heavenly orchestral strings and power stomping leads that will surely capture a piece of your soul.

The land before us is covered in thick white blankets of snow. The air is crisp and refreshing and tussles our horses’ manes and the crimson banners we carry. We march onwards creeping deeper into the homeland of our sworn enemies. After days of scouring the land for hostile forces we have reached their stronghold. A magnificent fortress built around the citadel protecting its inhabitants from the raids of outsiders such as ourselves. The time has come to regain our honor and destroy the ones that plummeted and pillaged our lands. Here in the frozen terrain under the tall snow covered trees we gather closely as our leader riles us up with an inspirational speech coming straight from the depths of his heart. The final words he uttered still echo deep in our heads:” Charge forward and diminish our enemy, take back the honor that was stolen from us!” With a deafening battle cry we charge forward with haste, swords in hand, ruthless and hungry for revenge straight into the large army lined up before us. We feel liberated, fearless and indestructible as we clash swords with the enemy, this is has always been our destiny!

A huge track that could easily be tune of the year!

Released: 13/11/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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