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Interview with Monoverse!

When it comes to dance music, Santos Torres is a natural. Crossing boundaries under his artist name “Monoverse” year after consecutive year has been his goal. He continues on his musical adventures, gathering up followers and dance music enthusiasts as well as pure respect from his musical brethren. Highlights within his career have certainly been his number of original productions and remixes such as: “Avenoir“, “Powerplay“, “Chasing Lights” and “Running (Monoverse Remix)-Eco feat.Jennifer Rene“, hosting his phenomenal radio show “Monoverse Radio” as well as amazing performances as a DJ at events such as: “Luminosity Beach Festival“, “Cielo” (NYC), “Tomorrowland 2017” and many more. Going through his most promising year so far, he has loads of news to share with us. Always fun to interview this talented artist. Many thanks for your time and for the opportunity, Santos! Here is our recent interview exclusively for Trancefix.nl.

Question 1: Which would you say is the track that really turned things around for you and
skyrocketed your career?

I think my remix for Ferry TaylesThe Way Back Home’ not only landed my first major supports
like “A State Of Trance” but also led to further building a great relationship with Ludo and in one
way or another later on, “FSOE“.
Beyond that, my first (and still my only so far) vocal single with LeolaniTake You Away’ gained
quite a bit of exposure and still finds new ears, along with remixes I’ve done for vocals like
Heart Call’ by “Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene“, or “Eco & Jennifer Rene’s” ‘Running’, for example.
Still, some of my earlier instrumental tunes like ‘Kheira’ and ‘Glide’ have stayed with listeners
over the years and I often get requests to hear them in sets (and they aren’t exactly made for
clubs, even). I guess when I think about it, it’s not been about just one big track but rather many
tunes along the way having caught different people’s attention!

Question 2: From what we’ve heard it seems you have been pretty busy this year. What
were this year’s highlights for you?

This was the first year I’ve played internationally, and to break through that barrier with
performances at “Luminosity” and “Tomorrowland” was unreal. Especially playing at Luminosity,
where by the end of my set, many of my good friends from the stateside trance scene had
showed up early on the third day to support.
I can’t entirely explain the feeling, traveling so far to find so many familiar faces was

Question 3: You have played some pretty amazing venues over the years. Which would
you say has stood out in your memory and which event do you treasure most?

It sounds cliche, but each and every show I’ve played has had a special place in my memory.
The atmosphere at Luminosity is unbelievable, the scale of production for Tomorrowland is
unrivaled, and playing at MetLife Stadium for “EDC New York” (down the street from my
hometown) was an experience I’ll never forget.
While I love playing the big shows and festivals, my favorite gigs though are always those in
more intimate settings. My favorite this year have been extended sets in venues like Toronto’s
Coda“, “Icon” in Boston, and the “Bassment” in Charlotte. I couldn’t believe how passionate the
people at these shows were, and there’s no better feeling than being able to tell a full musical
story with a longer set.

Question 4: Mass congratulations are in order for your label launch entitled “Parallels”
on mega duo “Aly & Fila’s” label “Future Sound of Egypt”. Huge moment for your career!
Could you please share with us the tale of how it all came to be?

Thank you so much! I’m so incredibly excited for this new venture. When Fadi from “Aly & Fila
was looking for someone to run the new home of progressive trance under “FSOE“, I pitched him
the idea for the brand name, aesthetic, and musical styles I was interested in signing. We were
very much on the same page about the project, so it seemed like a logical next step to move
I’ve just looked at the release schedule for next year we have so far, and I honestly can’t wait to
roll out what we have in store. Beyond that, I’m still receiving demos that are some of the most
interesting compositions I’ve heard in quite a long time. I think people are really going to enjoy
the music we’ll be putting out.

Question 5: Are there any plans for a DJ mix compilation by yourself or other artists on
your new label? If so by who? Could you share a few details about that?

I already have the concept behind what will be the “Parallels” compilation series, when the time is
right. However, we’re really just getting off the ground and it will be some time before the ball
starts rolling on that, so I don’t want to give too much away!

Question 6: It seems your label “Parallels” is off to a good start. Which artists have you
recruited and what approach will the label have towards the genre?

I’ll try to answer this without giving away too much. Our second release comes from “The
Blizzard“, and you can expect some really cool things to come from them on the label very soon.
We have quite a few artists who are more known for their uplifting sounds that have delivered
amazing tracks on the more progressive side for the label from names like “Alex Wright“, “Steve
Dekay“, “Mhammed El Alami“, and “Tim Verkruissen“.
Of course, I had to reach out to some of my stateside friends.I have a ton of material from my
good friend “Pablo Artigas“, who’s also from New Jersey, lined up. “Niko Zografos“, “Skylex“, “Mike Saint-Jules“, “Kenneth Thomas” and “Emerge” are some of the other American artists who will be making appearances in the release schedule.
You can check out “Monoverse Radio 100” for a glimpse into the future at “FSOE Parallels“. And
for those who like a good puzzle, we’ve just lined up an incredible release from another
producer who’s quite well known from New York. I’ll let you take guesses at who it is, though!


Question 7: Any plans for a “Monoverse” artist album in the works?

I will admit I’ve started working on one, and the fragments are coming together, but the label
has taken precedence for now. It might take a while, but when my first album is released I want
it to be a cohesive piece of work and so I’ll simply say that it will be done when it’s done.

Question 8: Are there any upcoming surprises till the end of the year that you would like
to reveal?

We’ve teamed up with “The Blizzard” to launch a remix competition of their next single on “FSOE
Parallels“, details should be announced soon and we really look forward to discovering even
more talented music producers to work with!

Question 9: What artist do you look up to the most and what artists inspire you on a daily

I really admire artists who have followed their inner voice and remain completely authentic.
Artists like “The Thrillseekers“, “Hazem Beltagui“, “Solarstone“, “Eco“, and “Thomas Datt” have had a major influence in how I approach everything in music.

Question 10: Your debut track on “Parallels” is the undeniable beauty “Painting
Shadows”. What was the inspiration or story behind it?

Earlier this year I had a single called “Chasing Lights“, which was a pretty upbeat composition.
When I wrote “Painting Shadows“, it felt like a continuation of that track in some aspects – not
completely opposite, with its own mood and atmosphere. Where “Chasing Lights” is energetic
and uplifting, “Painting Shadows” is more subtle and melancholic. In my head they represent the
natural ups and downs of life, two different parts of the same story.

Question 11: Aside from creating incredible dance music, would you ever consider film
scoring and if so which composers do you like?

I do listen to quite a bit of film score myself, and for example, “Johann Johannson’s” score for
Arrival” blew me away. Maybe not as well known as a film score composer but, “Olafur Arnalds
has done a few that were great as well and I’m a huge fan of all of his music. With what I’m
doing now, I can’t imagine being comfortable film scoring myself though I would love to sit in on
the creative process for that sort of thing!

Question 12: Are you planning any events in Europe in the coming year and if so where
would you most like to play if you had the chance?

There are indeed a few shows lined up already in Europe in the coming year that I’m looking
forward to, but can’t announce quite yet. Really I’d play anywhere If there are passionate trance
fans in the area, so for those who’d like to see me play near them it never hurts to badger your
local promoters a little bit!

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