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TranceFix Review: Andy Moor, Somna & Diana Leah-There Is Light [AVA Recordings]

One of the pillars of modern day electronic dance music is surely the label founded by “Andy Moor” himself, “AVA Recordings“, a label that has showcased numerous artists, each with their own array of sounds and styles. Said label was approaching a ground breaking milestone in its history, the two hundredth release. No ordinary tune would cut it, it had to be something truly unique, special and emotional, a track that would be remembered for years to come. With that possible thought in mind, “Andy Moor” along with his right hand and “go to” artist Benjamin Leung,”Somna” (who has been responsible for numerous spellbinding releases of his own) teamed up with singer/songwriter “Diana Leah” to create that magical tune that would be destined to pierce our hearts. Each artist has infused the track with his own ideas and unique approach while Diana’s serene and angelic vocals add an extra touch of emotion and warmth to an already beautiful piece. “There Is Light” is the name of the track and it contains bright enriched melodies, chopped vocal fx and heartfelt vibes amidst a rush of pure positive energy. It is a true emotional journey.

At first dawn we attach the heavy packs we have prepared upon our backs. We have to make a move on it if we wish to reach the station in time. Everything around us is covered in dew, appearing fresh and silver crested much to our amusement. The sun has yet to make its glorious appearance as it lays hidden, behind the mountains. The past years have been difficult to us and the time had come to take matters into our own hands, turning misfortune to satisfaction and happiness. With these thoughts of prosperity and success in mind, our inner being is filled with hope and positivity. We are leaving our dreary days of darkness and obscurity behind us, in search of the kind of life we have often dreamed of. All we must do is board the train at the remote station in time and let destiny take care of the rest. After all, we are certain of our skills and abilities and believe in ourselves. The sky above us continues to brighten and the silvery land we tread upon becomes more visible and green as can be on nature’s palette of colors. We increase the pace and arrive at the station just in the nick of time. As we board the train with bittersweet smiles on our faces, we look back at the land we leave behind us, as the train bellows and snorts thundering down the tracks like a fierce bull chasing down its foe. Our spirits are instantly lifted and our hearts soar, like hawks high in the clear blue sky. Our incredible voyage has just begun.

A truly inspirational track that shall breathe light, hope and positivity into everyone that submits to its magical beauty.

Released: 11/12/2017

Label: AVA Recordings


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