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TranceFix Review: XiJaro & Pitch with Type41-Chase Your Dreams [Rielism]

Three of the scene’s emerging artists have come together to create a truly special and memorable release. The artists in question are the mighty Belgian/Dutch DJ/Producer duo “XiJaro & Pitch” and DJ/Producer “Type41“. All of these artists have certainly bragging rights of their own to boast about. From numerous hit releases on labels such as: “Armada Music“, “Silent Shore Records“, “Abora” and “Rielism” to continuous and countless support by some of the industry’s finest, it seems they have been making all the right moves to advance in each of their careers.

Their collaboration is entitled “Chase Your Dreams” and is out now on the label owned by well known Dutch DJ/Producer “Sied Van Riel“, “Rielism“. Beyond the exceptional release there is also another interesting fact about it. All the proceeds from the release will be given to “The Norrie Disease Foundation“, thus aiding and promoting essential research as well as providing help to the unfortunate families that have been afflicted by this rare disease. The track itself is a dreamy, upbeat tune full of sun drenched melodies and feel good leads engulfed by an air of positivity, kindness and hope.

Visions of open meadows and green pastures decorated with flowers of many colors alongside tall trees and grazing animals all come to mind. It doesn’t take long till we are mentally transported to this magical land governed by peace and serenity. A land in which all of our worries, fears and problems appear meek and meaningless. We feel the warm rays of sun on our face and hair while walking through the tall green grass. The sky is bright blue and the clouds are just there for decorative purposes, no hostile intentions hidden behind their innocent fluffy nature. We feel relieved, blissful and do not wish to awaken from this beautiful dream, letting ourselves be carried away by the music.

A beautiful collaboration that really needs to be supported for its sheer quality and its generous nature.

Released: 18/12/2017

Label: Rielism


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