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TranceFix Review: Dennis Sheperd-Copenhagen [Coldharbour Recordings]

German DJ/Producer “Dennis Sheperd“, has come a long way since his early beginning years ago in Essen. Delighting our ears as well as his brothers and sisters in the scene with his successful releases such as: “Black Sun“, his artist albums “Tribute To Life” and “Fight Your Fears” and of course plenty of anthem like collabs with artists such as “Cold Blue” (with “Freefalling“) , “Lady V” (with “Glass House“) and “Talla 2XLC” (with “Two Worlds“). Each of his tracks and remixes has played a leading role in shaping his sound into what it is today. Counting numerous DJ performances around the world as well as opening his creative mind to eager dance music enthusiasts who wish to learn, he is an unstoppable machine and music is his mission.

His new release is entitled “Copenhagen” and is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. This track has a special significance and means a lot to Dennis so he had to get it just right. It is somewhat of an ode to the city that played a vital part in his personal life, one he wishes to treasure forever. It is a beautiful tune full of enriched, serene and majestic aural landscapes, strong solid basslines which all complement the leads which emit confidence and determination. How could it be otherwise when it contains a cherished moment: his wedding to his wife “Lavashnee“, translating it all elegantly into the world of music, set in a magical place.

The music captivates us as we are propelled on a journey to the land itself, where we encounter some of its many wonders. We begin a stroll down the busy streets, witnessing beautiful views as nature is present at every footstep and every corner displayed in its proudest form as if all dressed up for the occasion. Seabirds call from afar as they swoop in and out of the houses and buildings of many colors in search of the river and perhaps a quick bite of food. While enjoying our walk, we are somewhat awakened by our daze as the sound of church bells echo through the streets. A truly magical day for two loved ones to join hands and start anew together as one.

Sit back and enjoy this beauty of a track and grab a slice of happiness for yourselves.

Released: 4/12/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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