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TranceFix Review: Tony Day & Shatadru Sensharma – Amissa [Above All Records]

The Nederlands based producer Tony Day (real name) has been putting out tracks since the age of 15.
He started out in 1994 creating Happy Hardcore and switched over to Trance four years later, in 1998. At that time he used the alias “Masters Of Balance”.
In the year 2000, his track “Dreamworld” was remixed by Markus Schulz.
After some years of pause from music production, he released many new tracks:
“Konnekt”, “11:58”, “Spectral”, “Prodigium”, “Infusive” (with Shatadru Sensharma) and “Tempus”.
“Tempus” got supported by PVD, Giuseppe Ottaviani, M.I.K.E, Manuel Le Saux, Dimension and more. “Infusive”, the first collab with Shatadru received great reviews and was played 5 times by Paul Oakenfold on his Perfecto Records and Full On Fluoro radio shows.
“Spectral” and “Prodigium” was picked up by M.I.K.E. and Roger Shah, collecting plenty of positive feedback as well.

The second from main collaborators on this release Shatadru Sensharma, has not been so long in the music production business, but that’s not to take away from his talent, which shines with an increasingly bright light. Born In Pune – India, currently located in Mumbai, the 21 year old started his music career around 3 years ago, beginning with Chillout productions.
Although he only started putting out Trance in the last year, the chill productions released on Nuit Blanche, were already woven with slowed down Trance melodies.
Shatadru has so far been supported by Paul Oakenfold, Store N Forward, DT8 Project & more!
The fruit which led him to those successes are:
“On A Good Day” (with Youssef Chen), “Merlin”, “Infusive” (with Tony Day), and “Celadon” (with Weiyu Chen) – included in Mondo Sessions 003

Third force of the release, Sven Van Der Endt, shows us his skills in a remix role.
The Dutch born, 21 years old resident of Schiedam holds over 20 releases under his belt. According to Beatport’s listing, his first major outing was a remix made for Physical Phase and Tina Kay’s “Touch The Sun” (feb 2013).
“I’ve been producing for almost 7 years now, and what got me into it was curiosity on how the music was made. That’s where I found out that I love putting my creativity into it.”
Sven’s biggest accomplishment to date, is a track titled “The Sound Of Goodbye” made together with Remarq. Released on Flashover recordings, it has received massive support from plenty of Djs and producers, including many renowned figures, those being Ferry Corsten, Kyau & Albert, Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Stoneface & Terminal, Ben Gold, Dimension, Anske, Photographer, Super8 & Tab, Manuel Le Saux, Fabio XB, Kenneth Thomas, Dennis Sheperd, Lange, MIKE Push, Andy Moor, Nifra, Standerwick, Fred Baker, Maarten de Jong, Matt Cerf, Antillas, DJ Feel, Artisan, Suzy Solar, Torio, Johnny L, RAM, Rafael Osmo, Johann Stone, Pedro del Mar, Ange & more… His solo production “Roaming Hearts” got supported 4 times by Paul Oakenfold.


For the second time, Tony Day and Shatadru Sensharma have coupled their talent, bringing another impressive production to the table.
“Amissa” has already been supported by Aly & Fila in FSOE Episode 532, Solarstone in Pure Trance #106, Roger Shah in Music For Balearic People episode 506, Suncatcher & Exolight in Critical Exposure Radio 021, Victor Lobanov in Fire Air #162 and Karanda in The Karanda Mix 003.
“With “Amissa” Shatadru and I wanted to see, if we could pull of a great progressive track. So it turned out as a proglifter with old-school influences that we enjoy producing.”

It catches attention right from the start. The tempo is steady and percussive work doesn’t boom from the first second. Low frequencies introduce themselves gradually, reaching full power after 30 seconds. What’s particularly good about this type of intro, is the ear and equipment friendliness of it. When the volume is set way too loud, you get time to react, before it blows out the speakers or your eardrums. Practical and sounds elegant as well. As more and more elements appear, revealing the contours and atmosphere, it becomes apparent what the track is all about. Ethereal vocal samples (without lyrics), pads, plucks and effects all suck you into an irresistible warm-nostalgic-euphoric wave of sound. Yes.. This one can strip you out of everything what’s around, temporarily detaching you from the tasks of everyday life.
The journey takes 7 minutes and 33 seconds, closing the eyes can help to immerse deeper in it, changing perception of how fast the time passes.
Empty beatwork parts are reduced, making the whole trip even more pleasant. The outro softly guides the listener to a silent end. Who needs outros consisting of a kick banging for over two minutes anymore!? These can be a pain for those who like to create their own playlists.
Tony and Shatadru have committed to all parts of the track, nothing feels rushed or uninspired. Nothing feels ‘in your face’. Their work is a perfect fusion of progressive and uplifting styles and it’s a must hear for anyone who loves a great melody!
Probably The Blizzard themselves would not complain, if they had made this track. 🙂

Sven’s remix is a nice surprise, because it clearly aspires to be more than just a filler on this release. That’s the one which has been played on FSOE.
The interpretation is respectful to the original and leans more to the dancefloor side with its faster bpm and more intense drive. Much of that drive is generated by gated acidic basses. Can’t dislike these. 🙂 There’s a variation on the last note of the bass sequence, which adds some ‘bite’.
Thankfully, the melody stayed the same, with a stiffer frame around of it. One can feel that there is plenty of passion embedded in that remix. Well, he had received a great base to work with. It’s different to work with a track like this, compared to dealing with something average.
You can cut shapes from anything, and there are remixes better than originals. Here though, we deal with a complete package, where both versions support each other, widening the reach radius at the listener end. “Amissa” has been given a proper energetic, uplifting treatment. SVDE had dressed her up for the clubs, lets wait and see where will the way bring her to…

The trio have reminded us to always keep an eye on smaller names. The future of Trance is being created right now and these talented men are among those building it for us. While we’re enjoying “Amissa”, they already develop the next tracks.
Kudos to Above All Records, who took the decision to sign and release a very fine piece of Trance!
Two days after release date, she sat at #19 in the Beatport charts, what a massive success for all involved!

– Outstanding melody
– Home listening and club friendly release
– Original was supported by Solarstone before it got signed!
– She had reached #19 on Beatport charts just 2 days after release!

Release date: 05 Feb. 2018 (OUT)

Label: Above All Records

Buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/amissa/2205449

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