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TranceFix Review: Push-Tranzy State Of Mind (Amir Hussain Bootleg)

Every now and then one comes across a track that moved the masses time and time again due to its originality and infectious groove. Tracks like this become classics and of course remain in DJ’s cases for years, ready to be pulled out at the right moment, mesmerizing the crowd below. One of these tracks is “Tranzy State Of Mind” by DJ/Producer extraordinaire “M.I.K.E Push“. An artist that always had a keen sense of what the public would adore and he continues to bring smiles to his faithful listeners with every release he puts out. This is a track that as the title suggests catapults you straight forward into a trancy state of mind. Under the successful formula of the “Push” sound, this track’s leads were infectious as they come, drowning the listener in pure euphoria.

Now an artist that is doing quite well for himself has decided to lay his hands on this mega classic. The artist in question is “Amir Hussain” and he has become quite well known in the trance scene. From hosting his very own radio show “Step Into My World” to playing grand scale events such as “Luminosity” in 2015 and putting out countless releases on labels such as: “Grotesque“, “Digital Society Recordings“, “Who’s Afraid Of 138?” and “In Trance We Trust” he is well on his way.

Amir’s remix of “Tranzy State Of Mind” brings a breath of fresh air to the undeniable classic. It is a track filled with uplifting tendencies while containing loads of emotion as well as hard hitting leads that will surely ignite any dance floor worldwide. This remix pays homage to the original while beefing it up for peak time performances. Love the fact that he kept the signature robotic vocal which ties it all together splendidly, emitting the title of the track itself. One certainly can feel his/her adrenaline rushing when exposing their mind to this power stormer. The melodies and leads course through your veins while the robotic vocal commands you to stand up and rush towards the dance floor, instantly losing yourself to the music.



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