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TranceFix Review: Danny Eaton-Concentration [Pure Trance]

A relatively new artist to the scene is producer “Danny Eaton” from New Brighton. An individual whose passion for the creation of dance music knows no bounds as he oversteps every obstacle that lays before him, thus seizing what his heart purely desires. Gaining a diploma in music technology was just the beginning as he dedicated years into music production. It surely requires focus and sheer determination and Danny has certainly reached his primal goal.

He now proudly presents his creation entitled “Concentration” which is out now on “Solarstone’s” well known label “Pure Trance“, in addition to it being selected for the “Pure Trance Vol.6” compilation mixed by no other than “Mr. Solarstone” himself. A marvelous track crafted by someone that purely feels the emotion and epic atmosphere that trance is known for. Pumping, uplifting with pure doses of old school trance sounds that we loved and have yearned for, from time to time. “Concentration” is absolutely radiant while packing one of the most beautiful breakdowns that is both emotional and inspirational at the same time.

Waking up in a world full of darkness, things have always been much more difficult for us than for other humans that appear as if everything has been handed to them on a silver platter. Everyday for us is dark, absent of light, as we move throughout the ever changing world. Technology and evolution have certainly helped us adapt, as we strive to achieve our full potential. Like every day, we wake and prepare for our daily routine. Our remaining senses are enhanced as we walk through the bustling streets filled with people, all translated into sounds and mental images to us. We have learned to let our ears guide us every step of the way, while each day we feel the aura of all lifeforms around us whether there are fellow humans or creatures alike. A glimmer of hope is what keeps us motivated with every passing day. On this day, during our stroll, we feel the warm rays of sun on our face feeling energized, fueled with positivity, willing to seize the day and make the most out of it all. The feeling of fear has fled our body, as we walk blindly through territories known and unknown. Concentration is the key that opens the portal to our senses and we make a bold stance grasping our place in the world thus conquering our fears and inhibitions.

Let’s offer a big round of applause to Danny, who has exceeded all limitations including his lifelong struggle with autism (which is no easy task), in delivering this beautiful trance anthem that will shake the audience on a global scale.

Released: 5/1/2018

Label: Pure Trance


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