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TranceFix Review: Dark Matter-Future Sight [Coldharbour Recordings]

A relatively new artist to emerge into the scene we love, is a young man from Denmark who has been feverishly producing music under various aliases. Jack Aiman Hoye, has created quite a load of successful tracks under the artist name “Dreamy Dawn” with hit releases on labels such as “Always Alive Recordings” and “JOOF Recordings“. Feeling the need to widen his horizons further, he picked up a new alias which he dubbed “Dark Matter“. His brand new release under this alias is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. “Future Sight” boasts pure flavorful melodies of utter bliss sprinkled appropriately throughout the track, perfectly complementing its travelesque and progressive nature.

While listening to this rare beauty, we feel ourselves drifting away into a world dreams are conjured up from. We feel as if the rules of gravity do not apply to us anymore, holding us down to Earth as if strapped by heavy chains. We breathe in the crisp air around us and exhale with a sigh of relief as we feel all the problems of our world evaporating like mist on the daybreak of a soon to be sunny day. It is like we have been touched by grace, feeling tranquil and at peace with the world. The next thing we witness, would ordinarily make us feel uneasy and rigid but to our amazement it releases us as we lift our feet off the ground and begin to gradually drift through the air, absent of wings to aid us on our flight. A feeling so refreshing and magical, we must be dreaming. Nevertheless we decide to have fun with it and so move forward gracefully enjoying the natural beauty of our world, while attaining what many may have wished for, a bird’s eye view upon the busy and stressful world we used to call home. We are now free to do as we please and the feeling itself fuels us with energy to carry on our aerial journey, eager to discover more of the world we have inhabited from a different perspective.

A welcoming addition to this year’s releases and if you enjoy tunes such as this by all means pick yourselves up a copy soon and support a talented artist.

Released: 2/2/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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