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TranceFix Review: Danilo Ercole Vs. Rafael Osmo- Montage [Rielism Elements]

It is always a fine moment when two well known and established artists decide to join forces, for the birth of of a truly unique and special track. This is exactly the case for “Montage“, the new track which is out now on “Sied Van Riel’s“, “Rielism Elements“. Each artist attains a characteristic sound and musical influence. A rare treat to see them combining both in the following track with utter harmony and refinement.

Danilo Ercole” (Brazil) has had several hit records under his belt and continues to unleash anthem after anthem on labels ranging from “Armada Music” to “Coldharbour Recordings“. The same can be said for “Rafael Osmo” (Israel) who has been giving us goosebumps on a global scale since his very first release, uplifting our very mind one track at a time.

Montage” is dynamic as they come, containing strong, solid basslines, mesmerizing melodies and vivid leads that inspire us to go beyond our own boundaries and inhibitions. A track so full of life that we take it all in, in small doses to enjoy it to the fullest measure.

We envision lush landscapes where all appears peaceful and quiet as we obtain piece of mind. Lounging by the sea we watch as the sun dips slowly into the ocean beyond and the gulls call from afar. A swift change in the wind appears as if to signify that night approaches and the scenery we have been enjoying all afternoon is about to be transformed. Not far from where we lay enjoying the last rays of a dying sun, our ears begin to pick up vibrations of the city awakening, preparing everyone for a relentless heart pounding weekend ahead. Already loud music is carried upon the air swiftly beckoning us hypnotically towards parties and weekend fun further along the sandy beach we lay on. Not needing a formal invitation, we dust the sand off our clothing and away we go in search of adventure.

Another solid release, suitable for all true trance enthusiasts. Danilo and Rafael have pulled out all the stops on this one.

Released: 12/2/2018

Label: Rielism Elements 


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