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TranceFix Review:Libra presents Taylor-Anomaly (Calling Your Name) [Markus Schulz & DIM3NSION Remixes]

There are certain tracks that become a part of you from the very first listen, subtly leaving their mark on you while grasping your soul. Years may pass but they remain nestled fondly within your heart and mind. One of these tracks is the unique and flavorful “Anomaly (Calling Your Name)”, which has undoubtedly received an iconic status within the dance music scene and has been established as a firm favorite amongst many. Created by Brian Transeau widely known as “BT” (under his “Libra” alias) ,”Taylor” and esteemed singer/songwriter “Jan Johnston“. Defined by its ground breaking vibes, unique approach as well as the divine, vivid and enchanting vocal performance by Jan, it is no wonder the lyrics and melody have been branded deep inside our brain. “Calling Your Name” was eagerly embraced by the public and sought out by the DJ’s on a global scale. It was even featured on hit comedy “American Pie“. Remixes followed by artists such as “The Thrillseekers” and “Ferry Corsten” which were on heavy rotation in clubs worldwide.

Much to our delight a new package of remixes has arrived this year to reignite our love affair with this classic.

Markus Schulz Remix: Markus sure knows how to reinvent a classic as we see him infusing “Calling Your Name” with a fine dose of melancholic progressive trance goodness while gradually introducing anthemic qualities ideal for peak time performances. Explosive, beautiful and compelling all throughout the duration of the track while Jan continues to melt our hearts with her stunning performance within.

DIM3NSION Remix: Borja takes things on a different route as his version is a hybrid of tech infused grooves and enriched melodic ethereal soundscapes full of light, ultimately surrounding us with images of serenity, leaving us content and utterly fulfilled. A very clever and unique approach to this beloved track.

Two different approaches to fit your own personal preferences which I sincerely recommend. Both artists have gone above and beyond to display their love and homage to this golden piece of dance music.

Released: 23/2/2018

Label: Black Hole Recordings



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