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Airwave – Rain Upon My Skin [Bonzai Progressive]

Upon his much anticipated and talked-about change of musical direction, for the first time we get a glimpse of what that might sound like. The new single from the legend that is Airwave, is here. It is called Rain Upon My Skin, and it is out today, on Bonzai Progressive.

Airwave yet again graces us with another (spoiler alert) stunner of a track. Do not be fooled by the slower tempo or the better, harder, more prominent groove. Yes, it is his sound in a new skin, reinvented again. But Airwave is still Airwave. All that we love about him, all that makes him unique in the scenes of trance and progressive is still here.

The bright, beautiful cluster of atmospheres, subtle riffs and spacey percussions and FX set the tone for the track almost from the start, getting you in the mood for what is about to follow. Vocals, scarce but heavenly, complement the track and its vibe perfectly. Accompanied with the long, reverbed vocal swells and retro saw pads, they make our minds float, fully immersed. Hidden in the background, the gated melody evokes memories from the earliest Airwave days and builds up the tension in spectacular fashion. The main melody, full of hope and positivity, with an Eastern touch, is as optimistic as the spring that is about to come. A great piece of music.

Perhaps this is not just a track that only reminds us of spring, maybe it represents a new spring in Airwave’s musical journey. New beginning, chapter, transition, rebirth. Judging by this track, everything definitely seems to be blossoming.

OUT NOW on Beatporthttps://www.beatport.com/release/rain-upon-my-skin/2223808

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