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TranceFix Review: Arkham Knights-Existence [Coldharbour Recordings]

The Turner brothers are back with another stellar release. In case you did not know already, Stuart and Ben Turner are two brothers from Leeds (UK), widely known to the dance music community under their artist name “Arkham Knights“. The duo have released tons of divine material of originals and remixes.”Knightfall” was without a doubt the track that grabbed our attention from the very first listen, due to their unique fusion of sounds and styles within. Since then, they have been hard at work releasing anthem after anthem and delivering sublime performances at events around the world. Their most recent accolade being their terrific performance at “A State Of Trance 850” in The Netherlands.

Existence” is released on “Coldharbour Recordings” and as you may have already guessed it is yet another gem from the uncanny duo. Dark techy rhythmical vibes which boast thrilling, mind bending leads that course through your brain cells with the highest frequency while whispery female vocal effects grasp a piece of our soul with every passing beat.

We wake from our nightly slumber rising from our bed like one who has awakened from a coma. Everything around us appears rather hazy and fuzzy as we glance about the dark room. Our mind is tangled between the world of the living and the dreamworld we just emerged from. We go about our daily routine, appearing almost lifeless, mechanical if you will, doing everything automatically, no thoughts involved. We at last exit the apartment and begin to walk down the dark, wet streets while the chill of the night begins to fade. As we continue on, we take in the various scents of the street while looking up, thus witnessing the dawn of a new day. We feel as if the clouds that were flogging our mind slowly begin to disperse. Delighted by the beauty of the colors spread across the sky and the new day approaching swiftly, we can’t help but feel a joyous pulse within the core of our being. A new and exciting day is on its way and the city begins to come alive on a truly glorious morning. We suddenly feel as if years of tiredness have been lifted from our back and away we go in quick strides, a smile carved upon our face, preparing to conquer the new day.

If you love darker grooves decorated with hypnotizing leads don’t waste any more time and grab this fine track by mighty “Arkham Knights“.

Released: 9/2/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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