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TranceFix Review: Dylhen-Drift [Coldharbour Recordings]

Birmingham native Russell Greer widely known to the world under his artist name “Dyhen“, is an artist you may want to keep a close eye on. Having achieved recognition by his peers and fans alike for releases such as “Memories/Topaz“, “Diablo” with “Paul Thomas” and his recent E.P “I Dream/Musica” he is quickly ascending in the dance music world. Regularly gaining continuous airplay and support by some of the major artists in the scene and planting his radio show “Resonate” deeply into the firm ground of the dance music world, showcasing his vision and sound to a loyal and ever growing audience is another stepping stone for this talented artist. Now he is back on “Coldharbour Recordings” with his latest offering to the dance community, the majestic “Drift“. A track loaded with beautiful dreamy melodies drenched in serenity and bliss, solid progression and a meticulous array of emotions and feelings.

It is as if we have awakened from a long and agitating dream. The world we know that was slowly and surely deteriorating before our very eyes over the years has somehow found a way to begin again, as if reborn. A new world of pure natural beauty surrounds us. Blue skies and green pastures lay ahead while the absence of mechanical noise and clutter doesn’t go unnoticed. Birds of many kinds, sizes and colors fly by, their brief calls blend together with the serene sounds of nature such as the gentle humming of the bees resting along the many flowers, creating an elaborate symphony that soothes the soul and allows our senses to open further, thus embracing as a whole the new world of beauty and peace that lays before our welcoming feet. For the first time in years we feel as if we have been cleansed and are now free and radiant. We stroll through this magnificent and magical place, hoping all the while it is not a simple drift from the constant reality we have been living and it will forever be our permanent home.

One of Russell’s finest work here, a breathtaking look into a world of rare beauty and timeless bliss. Huge tune.

Released: 2/3/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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