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TranceFix Review: Nifra & Anske-Powerball [Coldharbour Recordings]

Two of “Coldharbour Recordings'” rising stars have joined forces to collaborate on a track of epic proportions. The artists in question are Andrej Anskinas (“Anske“) and Nikoleta Frajkorova (“Nifra“). The two of them attain an ever growing fire of determination and zeal burning within, which time and time again has pushed them forward to achieve what they have most dreamt of. Each one is defined by the trademark sound they have forged over the years which shines through in their own productions and remixes alike. Showing support for each other’s work whether it is in their live performances or on the airwaves, it made pure sense that the idea to work together on a track would be the next logical step.

Lithuania and Slovakia unite in presenting “Powerball“, a track that is both powerful and anthemic, large and in charge. If you are familiar with either of their work, you can truly shift through the track and pick out the influence and sound of each artist as it was incorporated within. The result is a gripping, enthralling track with soaring leads, hypnotic melodies and a dynamic overall presence.

We find ourselves on a high speed train, much different than the kinds that ran the tracks several decades ago. The long caterpillary shape of the contraption that carries us across the land is embodied in chrome which sparkles and shines in the hot merciless sun. With the speed we are going there is no way any living being, no matter how swift it is, could catch up with us. Inside the compartment all seems tranquil and at ease when in fact it couldn’t be further than the truth. A group of hostile figures seem to have been watching our every move. Escape from the long hard destiny that appears to await us, seems only a mere thought. Nevertheless we exit the room with caution, hoping no one will notice. Turning our head slightly as we run, we witness for a fact that we are being chased by the mysterious figures. We up the pace and climb down the stairs that lead to an exit, quickly slamming the door behind us. With a flash we climb to the top of the train, the speed and wind determined to knock us off the charging vehicle. As we are almost cornered with no escape in sight, we switch a button on our pack. A mysterious contraption emerges from opposite sides of our pack appearing to the untrained eye as two mechanical wings. The very next moment we are seen gliding off the train, like a daredevil on the strong currents of wind taking us far above the train and danger, watching the look of dismay on their faces as we fly away to safety and a destiny we can choose for ourselves.

Powerball” is a track that will dominate dance floors worldwide for quite a spell. Mass congrats goes out to two of “Coldharbour Recordings‘” finest.

Released: 9/3/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 


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