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TranceFix Review: Somna & Cari-My Home [AVA Recordings]

Benjamin Leung, (“Somna“) is back with a brand new tune on esteemed label “AVA Recordings“, co-owned and managed by himself and “Andy Moor“. A master of emotional melodic soundscapes and upbeat moods, he found the perfect match for creating this new vocal delight. Enlisting singer/songwriter “Cari“, together they put their creative minds to work and created this brilliant new tune which is entitled “My Home“. Reversed vocal effects , an emotional vocal performance by Cari, heartfelt piano plucks and moving leads of sheer determination is what you may discover when peering inside this beauty.

We find ourselves walking down a cold dark street. Among the tall trees that quite elegantly decorate our pathway, falling leaves of brown and auburn float upon the wind that carries them like tiny skydivers on a downward free fall.We are bundled up quite well, scarves and all as there is a cold chill in the air, the change of the season is upon us. The sun, a quiet spectator remains hidden behind a thick array of clouds with only tiny glimpses of light escaping from time to time. People all around us walk the land as if there were ghosts wandering with no purpose whatsoever. We begin to feel disconnected from the world we inhabit as everyone seems focused within his or her very own tiny world. No matter how our surroundings try to dissolve our emotions and feelings turning us into a soulless being, our flaming heart guides us surely towards the one true destination that erases all others. The walk is long and the conditions are difficult but the trip is worth it all. Slowly but surely, fueled with courage and determination we make our way towards the one true person we hold dear to us, no matter the cost.

Another solid release on “AVA Recordings” by a truly delightful partnership. Seek this one out everyone.


Label: AVA Recordings




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