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TranceFix Review: Talla 2XLC Vs. Pay & White-Oldskool [Coldharbour Recordings]

Always fun to see quite different and versatile artists join forces and collaborate on a music project together. In this case “Talla 2XLC“, known for his solid productions and numerous performances teams up with up and coming DJ/Producer duo “Pay & White“. Eddie Pay and Matthew White have already had the pleasure of working together with “Talla 2XLC” in the past on tracks such as the revamp of “Storm-Storm” (originally created by legendary dance music duo “Jam & Spoon“) and their first official collab “Don’t Stop“. It seems they all see eye to eye in the studio, brainstorming and coming up with fresh ideas thus creating uber cool tracks, such as the ones mentioned above. Once again they decided to sync their minds together as one and let their creativity flow like a gushing stream.

The result of their recent venture is labeled “Oldskool” and is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. The title alone demonstrates what the listener may find within. An early classic trance feel fueled with a techno influence and mass percussion with a trademark repetitive, almost clock sounding built up lead to wrap the whole track together quite accordingly.

Walking alone on a dark road at night with limited vision, we are guided solely by the moonlight shedding out a faint luminous path which we follow on almost hypnotically. There is not a sound in the air as far as our hearing can reach. It is like we are all alone in a world absent of life, sound or color. How long will it take till we reach our destination we wonder as we traverse through this unfriendly terrain. We look around us as we move and all we see are untamed shrubs and large boulders which seem to have broken off something large, like remnants of hills or something even more grand and majestic. Continuing on we feel the presence of the wind howling in our ears, like a rabid wolf in the wild and we quicken our pace, growing colder with every passing minute. We suddenly break into a light jog warming our body and spirit accordingly as we journey on through the vast wilderness. Before long our heart jolts as we gaze into the horizon, witnessing the return of the red sun and the birth of a new and promising day.

If you are one seeking tracks with an earlier reminiscent trance vibe beefed up for current times, this one is straight down your alley.


Label: Coldharbour Recordings



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