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TranceFix Review: Dennis Sheperd & DIM3NSION-Amigos [Coldharbour Recordings]

Another fruitful collaboration between two talented yet different artists has come to light. “Dennis Sheperd” from Germany has teamed up with Spanish artist Borja Iglesias Touceda (“DIM3NSION“). Both have been making a tremendous impact on the scene we love and cherish. Whether it being their musical creations that stir our senses or their expressive and powerful performances at venues around the globe, these two certainly know how to keep on stoking the ever burning flames of the dance music scene.

Their recent collaboration entitled “Amigos” and out now on “Coldharbour Recordings” is one of those expressive yet moving creations. Mechanical futuristic basslines, upbeat crystal-like bright melodies and euphoric leads drenched in positivity are what the listener may discover within. Each artist has added his own special touch to the track much like adding the right components for  a perfectly executed dish at a high end restaurant.

The world around us appears cold and unwelcoming. The weather has been harsh and ruthless for months now, an endless winter has swept across the land. All around us loom hills of high layered snow. Everything is covered in white from rooftops to the tall trees that decorate the streets we live on. Everyday has been bleak and hazy but beautiful at the same time, in its own unique frozen way. One day as we wake, we notice a change in the air. The sun is clearly visible shining bright. As we walk outside our door we witness the thawing of the long icicles that decorated our roof like lush chandeliers. The warmth of a sudden breeze soothes us while a wave of happiness overcomes us. Winter has come to an end and Spring is here piercing its way through the thick snow.

If ever you need a track to shine some light and positivity into your life during hard times, this does the trick easily. Pure proof that true friendship between artists such as Dennis and Borja can shine through their music like a bright beacon of goodness and hope.



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