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TranceFix Review: Rinaly-Observatory [AVA Recordings]

Rinaly Hoshina, (“Rinaly“) is a female DJ/Producer from Japan that has a lot to offer. Drawn to music from early on, she eagerly attended music school wanting to learn the ins and outs of music firsthand. There she studied music production while at the same time learned to play the piano, trombone and drums among others. Her passion for music drove her further and so she embarked on her journey as a DJ and producer from 2014 onwards. Success was quite a frequent visitor as she has had loads of support on her original tracks such as “Wave Of Affection“, “Lucid Dream” and her collab with “Ronski Speed” entitled “Horoscope” from all the major artists and even hosts her own radio show “Tears Of Trance” on “Block.fm“. Her most recent accolade was organizing, hosting and playing at “AVA Night” in Tokyo alongside artists such as “Andy Moor“, “Somna“, “Memory Loss“, “Bjorn Akesson” and “Ashley Wallbridge“. Now she is back with a brand new track on “AVA Recordings” entitled “Observatory“.

From the very first moment the listener is engulfed in inspiring, upbeat sounds till the breakdown of the track arrives which brings forth serene yet emotional breath taking melodies. Once things kick in back into hyperdrive the listener is blown away by leads of pure euphoria,which can totally move mountains with their uplifting tendencies and magical moments.

We charge off in a rush anxious to reach the airport in time. When we do, we witness people scurrying about left and right, suitcases in hand while others are lugging heavier ones on wheels and casual backpackers run towards their gate. All in all a frenzy in an organized place that schedules departures to places we usually dream of. Despite the odds and our anxious nature, we find ourselves boarding the plane just how it was meant to be. As we find our seat and buckle up, we let out a sigh of relief, we did it! As the plane sprints along the runway below, people around us chatter profusely, most likely giddy about the trip and all. With a slight jolt we find ourselves in the air. As we sip on our refreshment we gaze out of the window observing the world from high above. It is late afternoon and we bear witness to one of the most heavenly sunsets imaginable. Colors of orange, pink and red decorate the vast canvas of the sky while the tousled clouds appear like restless waves of the sea at the bottom of it all. We marvel at such beauty and close our eyes briefly. A feeling of release overcomes us, we feel relaxed, content, at peace with ourselves and the world, drowning in an aura of inner tranquility.

A truly majestic piece of music from Rinaly which will no doubt pluck on your heartstrings.


Label: AVA Recordings


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