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TranceFix Review: Danilo Ercole-The Drill [Coldharbour Recordings]

It has been a pretty good year so far for one of Brazil’s finest dance music artists, “Danilo Ercole“. Performing at plenty of events in his homeland alongside some of the world’s greatest such as “Ferry Corsten” and “Markus Schulz“, forging loads of new material in the studio from originals to remixes, collaborations with other artists and even his very own bootlegs of tracks he has loved, nothing can stop this charging locomotive that is Danilo Ercole.

We now see him back at it with a new one out now on “Coldharbour Recordings“. It is called “The Drill” and it’s a track that easily can be labeled as an anthem. Powerful, mind bending, hypnotic leads complimented appropriately with solid chugging basslines, this frenetic monster will surely launch you into a state of pure euphoria.

Half dozing off at the station with nothing of real importance going on or being reported, we feel somewhat useless and rusty like old drainage pipes. An alarm sounds overhead and a voice echoes clearly through the speakers. That was the spark that ignited our engine. Immediately we rise from our chair, placing our cap on our head and grabbing our service pistol, jogging on the way to the parking lot. The squad car’s engine comes to life with a frightful roar, we turn on the flashing red and blue lights on top of our vehicle, tires squealing as we zoom out in hot pursuit. In matters such as this time is of the essence. Knowing that, we put our driving skills to good use as we race through the busy streets of our bustling city. Communicating via radio with our fellow officers it doesn’t take long till we spot the reported vehicle. The world all around us appears chaotic and unkempt, a loud, messy concrete city. Concentration and determination are key and we focus solely on the pursuit at hand leaving all other thoughts aside. Nearing the fugitive in the stolen vehicle, we finally have him where we want him and we are locked and loaded. Adrenaline rushing, horns honking loudly and people screaming, amidst the chaos and confusion at hand we clear our head and charge into overdrive. This shall be the moment that will define us forever.

Excellent work once more by Danilo. If you are seeking a track that will get the audience go into a frenzy, this is definitely it.

Released: 13/4/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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