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TranceFix Review: Dylhen-Brouhaha [Coldharbour Recordings]

This year appears to be one of the most promising and productive for English DJ/Producer, “Dylhen“. He has been off to a great start already by releasing his first single of the year, “Drift” on “Coldharbour Recordings“, becoming one of the new recruits to happily sign with “SMG” (“Schulz Music Group“) and was even invited to deliver an exclusive guest mix for Markus Schulz‘s hit radio show “Global DJ Broadcast“. You would think that would be enough already for an aspiring artist but Russell is a tireless, determined soul.

Closing himself in the studio once more he did not rest until he finalized his newest musical creation. The new single straight from Dylhen’s hands and lively mind is the curious “Brouhaha“, released on “Coldharbour Recordings“. Known for his unique ability of melding progressive with a touch of trance, this track is of no exception to his recipe of success. Dark rhythms, solid percussion, echo oriented sound effects, corrupt whispers, hypnotic buildups and infectious leads can all be found within this dark futuristic gem.

We find ourselves waking up alone on the pavement. We struggle to get on our feet as we try to recollect what came to pass. Alas, our memory appears to be clogged and hazy with only remnants of tiny random moments of a puzzle that is now broken. Nevertheless we get on our feet and take a quick glance around. The sky above is pitch black, absent of bright stars and only a tiny sliver of the moon can be seen, making our surroundings appear more desolate and unwelcoming. The only thing we can pick out is the endless road in front of us and plains filled with dry sun struck grass that was once alive and thriving on either side. We do what what any being would do, begin to walk the road, destination unknown. As we take long strides down the road that stretches on and on, the cool air refreshes our face, body and mind. Like a computer that was overworked we carry on under the cooling breeze. Not a sound, nor a human or animal of any kind for that matter in sight. It feels as if we are stranded in a dark ,remote place alone and bewildered. After what has felt like an eternity, we catch a glimpse of faraway lights. Our heart almost skips a beat when we begin to hear various sounds and the lights we saw appear closer with every step we take. We quicken the pace, our breathing grows heavier but we press on determined to survive. Before long we are moments away from entering a thriving city, cast full of neon lights, loud noises and total commotion. We close our eyes and thank the heavens. We may now find answers to our questions and a place to rest our aching body. Civilization never appeared so grand.

One thing is certain. There will be an uproar of positive emotions everywhere and every time this one will be played out.

Released: 27/4/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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