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TranceFix Review: Arkham Knights-Industry [Coldharbour Recordings]

The “Arkham Knights“, are one of the fastest rising duos in the dance music scene over the past few years. Two brothers from Leeds (UK), who have turned the world upside down with their undeniable gift and their totally unique approach towards dance music. Taming and harnessing their own sound, a fusion of dark tehnno grooves and trance elements, the guys have launched loads of mind gripping music into the open ever since their iconic single “Knightfall“. Aside from producing uncanny tracks, they have also played at a variety of locations around the world enthralling the eager crowd with every performance.

Now the knights from Britain are back once more with yet another slice of aural delight. Their new single is called “Industry” and is out on “Coldharbour Recordings“. From the very first moment we are engulfed by dark hazy grooves, heavy percussion and techy rhythms. Also present are an assortment of eerie effects and wickedly good and somewhat spooky pitch bent leads that easily get under your skin making you move feverishly to the beat.

It is already dusk and the world around us begins to darken by the minute. Shadows begin to creep along the many huts and the air around us grows cooler. As we walk we notice the last remnants of light fleeing the land. Along our path, bats who have emerged from their places of shelter encircle the perimeter, driven by hunger and instinct. In the distance a faint sound of someone pounding on metal can be heard and a distinct sound of a saw is also present as if working in sync with the anvil. The smell of burnt metal begins to amuse our nostrils and we see a thick clot of smoke protruding almost rhythmical from a large hut not far from us. As we get closer we realize it is in fact a hut of a master armorer or blacksmith. Visible from the outside we notice him and his associates working hard, driven by zeal and determination. We stop and watch them work. The master armorer uses his pokers and plucks a piece of red hot metal from the roaring fire and begins pounding on it with his hammer as if stricken by fury. Each blow delivered to the metal begins to shape the shapeless scrap into the early stages of what may be something grand. A master who takes pride in his work, judging by the vast assortment of his creations displayed around his workshop. His eye catches us watching their every move and invites us in to his place of work wholeheartedly. We enter and glance at all around marveling at his craftsmanship. Weapons strong and sturdy adorned tastefully with carvings of images or symbols which bear origin from the various myths and legends of our kind. Everyone within the hut is working tirelessly to forge a whole line of weapons, destined to be used by the guards protecting our ancestral lands. How exciting it all is. We watch everyone working together as if synced by an unseen force which drives them forward while the fires within the hut burn bright red all through the night.

Yet another anthem by the brothers who seem to have their mind set on piercing our spirit and heart with their latest creation.

Released: 18/5/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 


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