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TranceFix Review: Danny Eaton-Heroes [Pure Trance]

The man who brought us “Concentration“, the track that was eagerly embraced from the very beginning has kept moving forward, always dedicated and passionate about the sound that he loves and cherishes, trance. “Danny Eaton” is the artist behind the aforementioned track that was released on “Pure Trance“, the label created and curated by Mr. “Solarstone” himself, one of Danny’s favorite artists. Another epic track followed entitled “Over The Horizon” on “In Trance We Trust“, showcasing Danny’s talents furthermore. Now Danny is back presenting his newest creation on the label it all began on: “Pure Trance“.

Heroes” is a power stormer of a track if ever there was one. Filled with pure melodic bliss, reminiscent of a sound forged by the heavens above, it is bright, euphoric with uplifting tendencies and a build that just won’t quit. I daresay this is one of his finest creations.

The fast paced rhythms of the city are somewhat of a thrill but sometimes when we are weary from work, the constant rush all around us becomes somewhat of a nuisance. As we walk down the busy streets, we glance about watching the world speeding towards all directions, eager to attain an extra bit of time, a luxury only a few possess. Anxious to rid ourselves from this confusion and grasp a small amount of tranquility, we enter the gardens that loom out ahead of us. Entering the gates of this divine place, overtaken by nature, we begin to feel a calmness setting in. It is as if our senses have, in one way, slown down as we regenerate our strength walking down the brick paved walkways along the assortment of colorful flowers and shrubbery. On the other hand we are overcome by the sweet fragrances and aroma of the flowers and lush vegetation. Birds cry out, water rises and falls eloquently within the stone fountains as the sky above it all is filled with all the beautiful colors of the sunset . It is truly what one needed, to escape and recuperate before stepping back into reality.

Rare amounts of sheer positivity from an artist that has endured plenty but despite it all has stuck with it and has begun to shine like the ever glowing sun. Keep your eyes and ears open for Danny Eaton.

Released: 21/5/2018

Label: Pure Trance




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