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TranceFix Review: Ankse feat. Victoriya-Love Won’t End [Coldharbour Recordings]

The final piece from “Markus Schulz’s” flavorful ode to Spring, (a delightful selection of vocal trance tracks by himself and fellow label artists teaming up with some of the industry’s most iconic and talented singer/ songwriters out there) is finally here. It was eloquently dubbed “In Bloom E.P” and it is up to one of the most promising upcoming artists to close off the chapter.

Andrej Anskinas, known to the world under his artist name “Anske” has joined forces with singer/ songwriter “Victoriya“, for the creation of this beautiful, heartfelt, mesmerizing piece of music. It is called “Love Won’t End” appropriately named as it holds dear meaning to the artist.

The listener encounters bright sunny vibes alongside a steady sturdy bassline serving as a perfect backdrop. Everything we know changes once we reach the break in the track. Brightness gives its place to sorrow, sadness and longing for the person we hold dear to us and has now  been extinguished from our life. Victoriya’s sorrowful yet soothing vocals alongside Anske’s tear jerking melodies forge the atmosphere described above perfectly. Despite it all, hope, remembrance and love are all elements capable of breaking through the heavy fortified barriers of our soul and they do the job perfectly.We find ourselves emerging triumphant and eager to begin anew, stronger and determined yet never forgetting what ails us, as we store the beautiful memories we shared deep within our heart. The emotional strength and intensity of the leads that are unleashed after the break do just that.

A truly unique and marvelous track dripping with emotion, carefully crafted and performed by these two talented artists. A perfect track to close off this very special E.P.

Released: 15/6/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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