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TranceFix Review: Rex Mundi-Opera Of Northern Ocean ( Nifra Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]

Some tracks have become utterly associated with the labels that they were released upon therefore held as classics by the fans of the artist and label itself. One of these tracks is “Opera Of Northern Ocean” by Dutchman “Boy Hagemann“, widely known under his artist name “Rex Mundi“. Regarded by many as one of his most defining tracks, due to its style and nature and also pinpointed as one of “Coldharbour Recordings” most sought out and iconic tracks. Bearing all this in mind the years passed and the time had come for a fresh renovated approach to the original, bringing the beloved track back into the spotlight.

Slovakian DJ/Producer “Nikoleta Frajkorova“, the artist known as “Nifra“, was rather keen on getting her hands on it to work her magic and was certainly a wise choice in terms of revamping the classic. Her body of work is testament to the fact as her own personal music style and creativity have gotten her quite far in the game. Nifra sets the tones high from the very beginning as one can easily recognize the style and sound she has become known for. Paying homage to the original, keeping all the key elements such as the beautiful, serene melodies and aural landscapes while simultaneously spicing it up, building gradually on suspense and drama thus gaining the result she wished for: a high powered anthemic track that carries us afloat a tidal wave of endless sound.

This one will without a doubt be hammered away by the artists of the “Coldharbour Recordings” ship as well as many other artists the world over. Get this while it’s hot everyone.

Released: 22/6/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings



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