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TranceFix Review: Markus Schulz feat.Delacey-Favorite Nightmare (Fisherman Festival Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]

After seeing the majority of “Markus Schulz‘s”:”Watch The World” album being remixed and presented to us on a special remix edition, which was released upon the world featuring label favorites and many more, the second wave of remixes is already underway. One of these tracks receiving new remix treatment is the vocal delight that is identified by the name “Favorite Nightmare” featuring singing sensation “Delacey“. Who better for the job than Isaac Vissers, the man known to the dance music world under his artist name “Fisherman“. One half of highly acclaimed Dutch DJ/Producer duo “Fisherman & Hawkins“, who has recently gone down his own solo path as an artist, already delivering his first single release “X” which has been widely received by fans and DJ’s alike.

The somewhat eerie and intriguingly haunting trance ballad has reached new heights by being transformed into a hot steaming locomotive of a track. Keeping the sheer brilliance and haunting vibe of the original, enhancing and accentuating the emotional state furthermore while beefing up the energy and climax of the track with dynamic leads and techy outbursts, this remix belongs in the peak time sets of DJ’s all around the world. One listen to this will totally brighten up your day and get you positively charged for the whole week and then some.

Sensational work by Isaac that certainly deserves your attention!

Released: 15/6/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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