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TranceFix Review: Jam El Mar & Adina Butar-Right In The Night [Coldharbour Recordings]

There are many tracks that have been deemed as classics. A select few are even considered iconic, uniquely creative and trend setting. One of these tracks is certainly “Right In The Night” by legendary dance music duo “Jam & Spoon“. This was a track that shaped a whole generation and inspired many creatively with its originality and splendor. After the passing of several years, the time had arrived for a revamp to inspire a whole new generation.

Remaining member of the dance music outfit “Jam & Spoon“, “Jam El Mar” took it upon himself to completely recreate their legendary tune. For this he enlisted good friend and musical songstress “Adina Butar“. The original had made a deep impact on her in her early years and it was truly a dream come true to be actively involved in the progress of reforging the timeless classic. It comes to no surprise therefore that these new versions are truly remarkable. The final product is a darker, edgier number infused with fire breathing anthemic leads, a breathtaking, emotional performance by Adina, who pours all of her soul into the track, while containing the signature melody we all know and love.

We are taken away to a land with dark soil, gray clouds and a hazy mist filled atmosphere. Walking through this desolate land, we wonder if anyone inhabits it or are we perhaps stranded in this curious land of sorrow, cast away from all we know and love. Large mountains can be seen peering over the mist, like nature’s very own skyscrapers, while the sound of gurgling water can be heard from afar. As we move along a loud clasp of thunder is heard from above as we witness the clouds gathering swiftly in military precision. We begin to walk faster, our eyes darting left and right in search of refuge from the approaching storm. In the nick of time our sharp eyes and wit make out a shallow cavernous formation and we crawl quickly into it to brave the storm. Surely enough the sky opens up, demonstrating a good dose of nature’s power while a beautiful yet dramatic light show takes place high above. We watch it all from the safety of our rocky nest amazed by the rare beauty of nature’s fury. As the rain begins to cease, a whole new world full of color, life and endless prospects reveals itself before our disbelieving eyes, a tiny paradise indeed.

If this was not enough please contain yourselves as the package contains two more surprises. One is a chilled version complete with beautiful yet mysterious melodies, complementing Adina’s vocals perfectly while emphasizing on a serene and more spiritual approach complete with gratifying feelings of personal growth and inner peace. The second is the “Soundland Remix“, an artistic endeavor by the Romanian band who bring a somewhat Latin, tribal essence to it while taking the beloved tune down roads uncharted.

If you love dance music as much as most of us do then be sure to pick this one up and discover the many flavors found within.

Released: 6/7/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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