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TranceFix Review: Arkham Knights-Into The Fire [Coldharbour Recordings]

If you are one who prefers your grooves dark and techy than you by all means are aware of the uncanny “Arkham Knights“. The Turner brothers from Leeds (UK), have turned the world upside down with their long string of consecutive releases on labels such as “Coldharbour Recordings“, “Interstate Recordings” and “Infrasonic Recordings“.  It is no coincidence that these two have had such success in the game of dance music as every single track or remix has been an anthem in the making, concocted by the famous “AK” formula that utterly defines them as artists.

Their newest creation is called “Into The Fire“, instantly snatched up for the brand new “In Search Of Sunrise 14” album for the disc mixed and selected by none other than “Markus Schulz”. The guys take things down a slightly different route for this one. Found within are ecstatic tech-influenced rhythms blended seamlessly with lush beautiful, harmonious melodies plus female whispery vocals that accentuate the vibe further while upfront leads of soul piercing flavor guide one towards their destiny.

We walk with an essence of pride emanating from our very being. Inspired by the conquests and glory of our ancestors we mount our trusty steeds and prepare for the long journey ahead. It is only dawn when we set forth. We gaze upon the land, taking it all in with attention to every element and detail, our senses sharp like a hawk, searching for its prey. Our companions follow our lead riding hard and fast as we race against the birth of the new day and the glorious return of the hot merciless sun. We must gain precious time while it is available to us. We are guided by courage, determination and honor to protect the ancient line of our people and our ancestral lands, passed down to us by our forefathers, of which we have been absent from for the longest time. We shout out words of encouragement to our brothers in arms, riling them up, persuading them to ride faster and harder than ever before. We must if we wish to arrive in time to prevent the imminent danger that will befall our people. With burning hearts we ride on, our faces hard like stone chiseled statues while our horses appear to be flying down the dusty roads much like the heroic steeds of legend.

Another solid production by the brothers that will get your senses tingling from the very first moments of play.

Released: 3/8/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings



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