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TranceFix Review: Andy Moor feat.Becky Jean Williams-The Real You [AVA Recordings]

English DJ/Producer “Andy Moor” has been around for quite a spell. An artist whose signature sound is tightly bound to harmonic melodic dance music which in turn is fueled by a countless amount of feelings and emotions, is one many have looked up to and been inspired by. He has released a vast amount of his own original work and remixes, hosts his hit radio show “Moor Music“, performed at the biggest festivals and most intimate venues in the world and of course manages his own record label “AVA Recordings“, along with fellow DJ/Producer “Somna“.

Now he is back with a brand new collaboration, one he instantly showcased on the disc he mixed for the brand new “In Search Of Sunrise 14” compilation. The track is called “The Real You“, one he worked on together with “Becky Jean Williams“, a singer/songwriter mostly recognized for her participation in the “Late Night Alumni” project with hit tracks such as “Empty Streets“. This is such a serene, breath taking collaboration between Andy and Becky. Beautiful aural soundscapes reminiscent of sunsets on the beach and the trance from years back, tender, magical intriguing and mesmerizing. One can expect to find lush intricate melodies within alongside steady progressively moving basslines while seasoned appropriately with the emotionally charged vocals of Becky Jean making this collab a match made in heaven.

Throughout the day we have been experiencing thoughts of nostalgia flooding our ever active mind. We arrive at the beach and begin watching the slight waves and ripples on the clear blue sea as the light sparkles and dances lightly upon the surface of it all. We sit down and gaze away into the horizon while a feeling of inner reassurance takes over the depths of our restless soul. A light wind tussles our hair and gulls call from afar while swooping in and out of the sea in search of a late dinner. As we rest on the sandy beach we dig our feet deep into the moist sand and feel the current begin to wash our troubles away. Answers and ideas begin to flourish within our mind like a full blossoming rose. As we come to this realization a slight smile forms on our lips and we gaze straight ahead at the many colors that decorate the sky, while a miniature fiery sun begins its dip into the welcoming sea. Tomorrow will be a new day filled with opportunities for us all.

The Real You” is definitely one of the most beautiful tunes unleashed on “AVA Recordings” and one thing is certain, it is destined to find the real you in all of you dance music enthusiasts out there. Embrace it.

Released: 23/7/2018

Label: AVA Recordings


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