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TranceFix Review: Dennis Sheperd & Bjorn Akesson-Memoria [Coldharbour Recordings]

This year we have seen lots of collaborations between artists who truly have different and unique sounds. It is always curious to see producers with a different musical approach and style join forces to create something unique and magical drawing from their own influences and inspiration, thus merging them with their peer’s thoughts and ideas. For “Dennis Sheperd” this has been done before on “Coldharbour Recordings” as we all remember his collab with “DIM3NSION“, entitled “Amigos“. This time he teams up with “Bjorn Akesson” for “Memoria“. A tune they began working on during the winter edition of “Trance Retreat” project in Germany in which they were both participating as instructors. As they say two minds are better than one and “Memoria” is a perfect example of that statement. Mysterious yet sad melodies are entangled within dark vibrant basslines while one finally gets engulfed within the powerful charge of mesmerizing leads. A somewhat dark, melancholic piece of music carrying the absolute essentials to carve a place in our restless soul. Purely destined for the darkest hours of the night.

The night is dark and cold. While walking down the bitter, chilly streets we tighten the long scarf around our neck in hopes of gaining extra warmth. As we exhale our breath forms a long cloud of mist before us, much like a steamboat ready to sail. This well lit and vibrant area of town is growing darker and more desolate by the minute. The shopkeepers extinguish the lights and slam their doors shut, locking up for the night while their keys jingle in their pockets as they walk. A faint tune can be heard whistled in the distance. The absence of gloves was a mistake we ponder as we rub our hands together for warmth. We quicken the pace and continue on the search for a welcoming host that will take us in for the night. The noise of our footsteps on the stone cobbled streets adds to the emptiness we see before us. We press on with thoughts of our loved ones in mind, rekindling the fires in our heart on this cold, lonesome night. We vow we will survive the night and be reunited with them once again. When all hope appears to fade a kind family offers us refuge for the night, a place by the roaring fire and a steaming supper to gain our high spirits once more.We smile politely and gladly take them up on their offer, realizing there is still goodness in the world.

Released: 20/7/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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