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TranceFix Review: Sunlight Project feat. Fanizza-I Gotta Know It [Avanti]

One is always on the lookout for fresh ideas being well placed in projects of any kind. In dance music this is a necessity which should be encouraged as that is how the various genres and sub genres emerged by artists willing to experiment a tad further from their comfort zone. Italian producer “Andrew Cash” is an artist willing to do just that. Under his “Sunlight Project” name he has certainly given us a nice variety of sounds to entertain the mind and amuse the body.

His latest collaboration with fellow Italian producer “Fausto Fanizza” is without a doubt a risky move to pull. The track is called “I Gotta Know It” and it is out now on “Avanti“. One can expect to find himself/herself immersed into dark grooves of progressive goodness spliced up with classic house vocals and powered up by mind bending leads capable of bringing the listener to an all time high. Food for the soul and body with a downpour of emotions strung out most vividly throughout the track. Anxiety, curiosity and love are all demonstrated in full as the singer wails on, questioning what tomorrow may bring. Exceptional work by the artists and a risk that will totally pay off.

I seriously think “Avanti” will be the next best thing when it comes to dark progressive groovy tracks and this one is a fine example of that. Very addictive and inspiring. Can totally see this played out in clubs on a global scale.

Released: 20/8/2018

Label: Avanti



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