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TranceFix Review: Pavel Khvaleev- Rainbow/Spectrum [Coldharbour Recordings]

Russia’s very own “Pavel Khvaleev” is certainly no stranger to the dance music scene. You may know him under his “Moonbeam” project which he exercised along with his brother “Vitaly“. Together they created numerous tracks in which they challenged their audience with their fresh ideas and constantly evolving sound. The brothers grasped their fair amount of success under the “Moonbeam” project, gaining utter respect from their peers and some of the biggest names in the industry. Boasting several artist albums, a large amount of live performances around the world and countless singles, the brothers certainly did it all. Now that Pavel has gone down his own road as a solo artist it appears that his earlier success stalks him quite closely. His new E.P is out now on “Coldharbour Recordings” and is a glorious one at that.


Deeper grooves lay the foundation for this laid back progressive tune. Blended within we find futuristic “Tron like” melodies and soundscapes, retro bleeps and a somewhat “Age Of Love” buildup. Totally unique and fresh take on what dance music could sound like. “Spectrum” takes the listener to a futuristic world full of technological breakthroughs, peculiar wonders and endless possibilities. Something mere humans often dreamed about or read about in Sci-Fi novels. Let your mind be carried away into a world unlike no other. This is the future of mankind.


This is the more energetic sibling of the two, easily discovered within the first moments of play. Serene melodies are embedded within darker progressive grooves and steadfast basslines all the while fused with an inner aggression straining to be unhinged from its normal state. The triumphant leads easily signify an explosion of color into a bleak and colorless world. “Rainbow” is a glimmer of hope, an expression of one’s self preservation if you will. Easily attains the seal of approval within the dance music world as it purely embodies all that is “Coldharbour“.

An incredibly grand E.P by Pavel which will certainly trigger and entertain the dance music enthusiasts brain for quite some time.

Released: 27/7/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings 


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