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TranceFix Review: Dustin Husain feat. Crystal Blakk – Alive [Rielism]

American DJ/Producer “Dustin Husain” has certainly been on a roll as we have seen him proving himself in the genre he loves, showcasing his talents in the uplifting side of trance. Already he has gained the attention of the populous thus recruiting a loyal following of his very own plus achieving major support by some of the scene’s most inspiring artists.

His latest venture takes him to the Dutch label of “Rielism“, owned by well known trance artist “Sied van Riel“. This offering to the scene is the magnificent “Alive” on which he collaborated with singer/songwriter from the UK, “Crystal Blakk“, known for her amazing collabs with artists such as “Yang“, “Niko Zografos“, “Adam Ellis vs. Talla 2xlc” and many more. The result is a vocal uplifter if ever there was one. Peering within, we are sure to find fierce, frenetic leads complemented beautifully by a pumping bassline and flowing melodies. If that was not already enough, Crystal’s warm emotional performance transforms it into a definite hit that will surely make some damage on the dance floor. An interweave of feelings are found situated at the core of this one as longing and self doubt makes way to confidence and inner strength deep within our troubled soul. An intricate web of emotions are woven with the highest precision within the track proudly presenting a dazzling aural tapestry straight from the lively minds of Dustin and Crystal.

Totally deserves your attention if you are an avid dance music collector like the most of us out there.

Released: 20/8/2018

Label: Rielism


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