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TranceFix Review: Jam El Mar-Spectral Semblance [Coldharbour Recordings]

Rolf Ellmer“, the iconic artist known to the dance music world as “Jam El Mar“, former member of the legendary dance music project “Jam & Spoon“, is back with yet another release. It seems this year has been one of his most productive ones yet as he keeps the fires burning in the studio, forging track after track. Truly one of the scene’s innovators and an inspiration to many, he has the ability to create music that move the body and soul. Evidence to that is his mass body of work, past and current.

His return to “Coldharbour Recordings” is heralded by his new single dubbed “Spectral Semblance” which is a total game changer. A complex, unique track in which we encounter techy, industrialized percussion followed by some of the most menacing darker than dark underground leads while melodies of pure nostalgia and spirituality try to seep in and overtake the general vibe of the track, much like a seamless struggle between darkness and light.

The night is pitch black and all we can hear are eerie echoes coming from empty nearby alleyways. Shadows dance suspiciously upon the high buildings that lay out all around us like a concrete forest. The smell of humidity and decay floods our nostrils making it difficult to breathe. What part we may play in the alteration of this crumbling city is yet to be defined. We walk alone adorned in black, much like the merciless dark night, remaining solemn and serious while we scowl at the sight of the once great city we knew and loved.  Crime and dishonesty now reign upon the land as if the very ground we walk on is poisoned. Gathering the last bit of hope and courage we decide that a turn of events is what is needed for the once great city to regain some of its formal glory. We draw energy and motivation from the sudden downpour of moonlight upon the dark streets and a certain aura of confidence building from deep within our soul. Tonight is the night everything changes we swear upon the wind and hastily make our way into one of the many alleys that lay out before us, fearless and strong like a righteous avenger of old. We shall restore balance to this city even if it is the last thing we do.

A totally fresh approach by “Jam El Mar” who packs exactly the right doses of drama, nefarious soundscapes and a purifying aura of spirituality.

Released: 24/8/2018

Label: Coldharbour Recordings



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  1. Brilliant review; this is exactly what I got from this track also.

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